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  1. Hi the account was opened in 2001, I don't know if the CCA is set out correct, there are no charges on the account. Thanks S
  2. Hi Folks Arrow Global has purchased my credit card debt 1050 pounds, they are using Wilkin Chapman solicitors as their collectors. I wrote asking for a signed copy of my credit agreement with MBNA the original owner of the debt, which they have sent me 9 months later. Now i have other debts and they are being managed in arrangements with no issues. Wilkin Chapman have sent me a personal financial statement,. that wants to know more about what I own who i work for my national insurance number how much is left on my mortgage do i own a microwave, but nothing about my outstanding debts and my other creditors. They say they will not consider an offer of payment from me unless i send them a complete disclose of my entire life. I don't want a debtor knowing where I work! They said they will close the account for 800.
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