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  1. what if HSBC have allowed transactions (presumably to obtain the £25 fee) when the card should have been declined? e.g. christmas shopping? having never incurred charges before i have racked up £250 in tjhe last month.... none of which have been direct debits..... certainly seems like they are paying far more transactions through than normal
  2. Hello Forum! this is my first post so here goes. My student account was recently changed to a graduate account in august 2013. last month 16 November - 15 December i went over drawn 4 times. 25 nov - £28.83 4 Dec - £64.76 11 Dec - £140.32 12 Dec - £187 each time incurring a charge of £25. I was not aware that these charges would be taking place until i received a letter notifying me that on 6th january they will be taking £100 from my account. after calling HSBC they notified me that since this letter went out i have received a further £150 in charges for ex
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