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  1. iam still waiting for a reply from the court but as if out of nowhere cls,sent me an email with a number on saying it is a referance number but i think its one they have picked out of thin air. The bloke that picked the car up gave me a list of companies to leave well alone and cls was one of them. PLEASE DONT TOUCH THEM AYONE
  2. To top it all this morning, ive been in touch with CLS for the high court reference no which they have to have for a bill of sale, only to be told "THEY DONT HAVE ONE" they are now playing right into my hands, ive sent a letter regestered post to the high court in london, to find out if the bill of sale was regestered or not. i also have in place a solicitor who is willing to fight my case, from whot ive see so far CLS IS A BAD COMPANY.
  3. they have just been for the car thismorning, the guy that came was brilliant, yea i didnt have a choice but to let the car go, but even he said and i quote "COLIN" the manager of this company is a W***ER he said ive delt with him for years and has always been the same. but he gave me a lot of advive about what to do .if i dont receive within 5 days the court seal with my agreement number on ,the bill of sale is void and i can press charges against them for un lawfull repossession
  4. the police are fully aware of whats gone on as they had to attend on xmas eve. the company were even on the phone threating me again on friday, after my wifes death, also there was a threating letter arrived to my wife on sat morning, 3 days after taking her own life due to them. i fully agree with ukd theses people need bringing down a peg or two, after what has gone on they have met there match this time, because i wont roll over like verybody else has
  5. ok thanks very much i will have a read
  6. ive gone into it they have to have a court order for hire purchases but mine is a bill of sale which is totaly different. To reposess it they have to have had the bill of sale regesterd by the court which is very costly if it isnt regesterd it makes the bill of sale void.
  7. i dont believe these idiots ive been on the phone to them toady asking when they are comming to collect the car and due to the incompitance they carnt even do that.BLOODY DEAD HEADS
  8. yes i only have 12 months left to pay,but its a bill of sale and not finance,which means they can cancel the aggreement when it suits them.yes i have a disabled child but didnt get it with mobility funding
  9. i have a bill of sale for a car with CLS, i lost my job 4 months ago and was struggling but kept up with the payments, i took it out over 3 years and ive only 12 months left to run .i got a letter saying id missed a payment so posted a cheque on sat 21st by regesterd post. on xmas eve i received another threatening phone call from them saying they had not recieved it, as i explained i had the receipt that it had been posted and would be tracking it, but all i got was, this little jumped up JOBS WORTH saying were repossessing the car. After my wife heard all
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