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  1. @ steampowered


    Thanks for your input. In answer to your question, it is a civil case based on an application done by the claimant to join/substitute a party as a defendant to a claim where judgment was already obtained by default. The difficulty I have is that by explaining the case, I might jeopardise any future hearings. All I can say is that I believe that the evidence received by the claimant's representatives was from their own investigations. From the conversation between them, I deduce that the evidence was such that they became aware that they had wrongly identified the defendant for substitution. I believe that in the event that this evidence was disclosed, this would have had their application dismissed or adjourned. So, in a nutshell, I believe the evidence could have potentially cleared the person that was being accused. But, this was withheld. Thanks.

  2. Hi MJT2013


    Thank you for answering. I wouldn't make such a statement without any backing. I saw what I saw and heard what I heard. The exchange of words between the two following receipt of documents from a messenger was "we either ask for an adjournment with a view to withdrawing the application and admit that we got it wrong, or we carry on without the new material," or words to that effect. This is all I can say about the case. The other side of the coin is that the defendant has needlessly been disadvantaged and will suffer greatly.

  3. I’m a carer to a wheelchair user with whom I attended court with as a witness two weeks ago.

    Whilst at court, I witnessed the claimant’s barrister and solicitor withhold new evidence before and during a high court hearing and The evidence was then handed to the court after judgment was given. I have no doubt this led to an unsafe judgment against the Defendant.

    I believe that the claimant’s representatives misled the court and interfered with the administration of justice.


    How do I go about reporting this and to whom?

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