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  1. Why? MSE thought that I was a little too near the mark when answering a question. I was brought up to believe that a spade is a spade and not a garden implement. Some people don't like to hear the truth - they prefer it to be dressed up with a pink bow! Can't see any on here that have that PC mind set. They prefer the truth, warts & all.
  2. Errr yes it goes to Liverpool after passing the outskirts of Greater Manchester. If you want to go to the centre then use a few miles of the M60 until you get to the Trafford Centre via Barton Bridge.
  3. That agenda has already been up and running for a few years without any help from me. I'm sorry but the fact is that the working people that pay tax see benefit claimants as sponging on their generosity. If you have a problem with that take it up with your MP, not me. Me. I'm more than happy to take their money. Whilst I worked for those 42 years I paid for the benefit claimants and pensioners then, now it is my time to collect! Personally I don't care if people think I am a sponger, parasite or scrounger - simply because I admit I am.
  4. Nope. I was unemployed and at the same time had a medical condition that would see me put into the Support Group of ESA. ESA does not relate to being too sick to work, it relates entirely to being able to 'pass' the relevant descriptor. So I had the choice, JSA or ESA. I tried JSA as that seemed to me to be the right thing to do. I quickly decided otherwise and claimed ESA and was put in the SG for 3 years. I'm not too sick to work, just able to pass the relevant descriptor due to a disability. 'Cannot repeatedly mobilise 50 metres within a reasonable timescale because of significant discomfort'. Yes I could have claimed PC instead and had an easier life (no medicals/no signing on) but that was the wrong thing to do morally.
  5. Then you have not visited the places, seen the people and been in the homes that I have been in!
  6. I never said anything about Victorian factory conditions and Victorian slums. The tenement system could easily be modernised and it would provide for multiple occupation all based under one roof. There really is no alternative. Private landlords can choose who they let to, councils have no reason to start to build council houses on a massive scale. So apart from a tented city, a modern day tenement would be the ideal answer to those receiving benefits and who are unable to find private accommodation. That is unless you have a brighter idea that could be fixed fast and at a low cost?
  7. Err they can at a speed that is normal for the traffic. I've yet to see many that drive at 70 nowadays. I don't know where you are but Canterbury to Cambridge would take a max of 1 hour 52 mins, driving at speeds up to 70mph. Driving at speeds consistent with the traffic flow would see that journey time come down to 90 mins - I do the journey every month! So if a job came up in Cambridge for 40 hours at NMW and I could prove that I could get there in less than 90 mins, would the JC make me take it even though it would cost me £50 a day in fuel alone to get there and back?
  8. Then you have not used the M20 or the M11! Then you must be setting your cruise control to 70 and not driving according to the road conditions. I regularly use the M20/M25/M11/A1M/M62 to get to Manchester (308 miles) and wouldn't expect to be there after a max of 4.5 hours. Normally it is just over the 4 hours non stop.
  9. It may not be entirely legal, but if I was to drive at 70mph on the M20/M25/M11 everything on the road would be overtaking me including the odd Reliant Robin! (strange as it may be one was clocked at 105mph on the M20 a few years back - obviously going downhill with a tail wind!) The M20 to Dartford is a cruise at 90mph, the M25 averages maybe 50mph, whilst the M11 sees speeds of up to 100mph. Fortunately there are no speed cameras on that particular route.
  10. From what has been said on this thread you will be expected to travel for up to 90mins to get to a job interview and take a job. Based on that and my regular experience of using the M20, M25, M11, it would take me to those destinations which are at least 120 miles away in 90 mins by private transport. Grief if I just wanted to get to London (St Pancras) by public transport it would only take me 53mins by train to do the 80 odd miles. Using that as another example, who would pay me the day return £35 cost of using the train? Just for a 5 day week the train fare would be £175 out of the £250 weekly wage at NMW level. As I have said I think that this is a wind up and the JC would only expect you to travel say a max of 10 miles using any type of transport. To prejudice someone because they have a car is totally unfair.
  11. I agree, Cambridge, Bedford, Peterborough and Ipswich are all within a 90min drive of Canterbury. Have a look at a map to see what I am talking about. So those who have to rely on public transport might only have to travel say 20 miles or so to look for work, whilst others with a car will have to look for a job up to 120 miles away from home? And you think that it is reasonable and fair? I wouldn't want to put the JC to a test. A job is a job to them even if it would cost you 70% of your weekly wage in just getting to work. More than likely they would counter the argument to tell you to either move home or stay in a B&B instead during the working week.
  12. You missed the point - I meant 'walking the streets up to 120 miles away from home'. As an example would the JC expect me to look for work in say Peterborough, Cambridge, Ipswich or maybe Bedford all of which I can easily reach by car within 90 mins from Canterbury?
  13. That is as may be. But it doesn't excuse the inability to smarten oneself up when attending or maybe have a wash/bath. Tell me is it normal for the JC to accept that outside their building there were 7 young people with what looked like cider cans in their hands at 10am? As a matter of interest Pension Credit has been available to us for the past 9 years if we wanted to claim it (my wife is 69)!!! However as I am too sick to work, I believe that it is only right that I make a claim for the relevant benefit - ESA instead of opting for the easier option of Pension Credit. However my ESA will cease in June when I turn 65 when I will be forced to claim Pension Credit instead.
  14. Why?? As far as I am concerned this programme typifies the lifestyle of the residents of many streets in the UK. I didn't see one thing that doesn't happen every day elsewhere in Britain.
  15. Maybe then the time has come to reinvent the tenement system of multiple families living in rooms under one roof. Personally I think it grossly unfair that someone can have a lovely home paid for by the taxpayers without the claimant having to worry about paying the bills. Totally unlike those that work for a NMW income that are basically left to fend for themselves.
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