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  1. Thanks fkofilee. The DCA is P&A Receivables. I'm more mad at the car lease company ALD Automotive, but I suppose P&A shouldn't be disclosing other consumer's personal details to me.
  2. Hi, New to this forum, any pointers greatly appreciated. I foolishly signed a Personal Guarantee for 2 lease cars. 6 months after they had taken the car back they have wrote to me at home, marked 'final demand', this was on 20th Dec. I kicked off with them and said I had not received any previous letters or reminders and I disputed the account. On 24th Dec I then got an email from a debt collector saying they were now dealing with it (no response whatsoever from the company), 4 days after the 'final demand'. The debt collector sent me file copies of invoices that were (i
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