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  1. I refer to the letter and email I received recently regarding the above. I have considered each of the points that you have raised and my actions in bringing the claim are not vexatious, nor have I acted unreasonably, I have not been abusive, nor have I been disruptive considering the substantive points of the claim. I believe Mr breached an implied term of trust and confidence with myself which I find is a fundamental breach of my contract thus leading me to resign, I also believe the evidence I have not only proves that Mr breached my trust but that he acted on his own thoughts and not in my best interest. Due to this the return to work under Mr was not possible. The evidence I have can prove that my resignation was a last resort as I tried to resolve any issues amicably and through the grievance procedure set out with in work policies. How does this sound as a basic reply. Thought it was basic SCARE tactics I'm not worried about them claiming for costs as I'm pretty confident they will lose and if they do win i have no financial back up so will not be able to pay , don't own my own house either so no equity. Thanks Gary
  2. Hi I have followed every step and date given in the order we have just exchanged witness statements, we only have one step left on the order and then the tribunal date I have been offered a commercial offer through acas which was offensive if i'm honest my schedule of loss is over £25k and they offered £500. They have said they believe they have a really strong case (well if they do then mine must be duper strong). I have sought legal advice but this was at the very start and the Employment Lawyer said it seems a strong case but that was without all the evidence I have since gathered Thanks for the advice I will send a small reply Gary
  3. The Basic outline of the case is Constructive Unfair Dismissal, I resigned due to a fundamental breach of trust by my store manager, I can prove he has lied on numerous occasions with the evidence I hold, I also went through company grievance policies first to try and resolve this but was to no avail. The Company have only got hear say evidence and the witness statements them selves are not correct regarding my grievances and the dates do not coincide. Thanks Gary
  4. Yeah did think to Ignore it but don't want to seem unwilling to resolve as they could try and use it against me
  5. I just wanted to reply to show that I will not accept there offer which is nothing and that I will if need be take it all the way to the tribunal and try to be professional and I won't be deterred by these sort of letters etc. Thanks
  6. Hi all, A Pre thanks for any advice given. I'm currently due to go to ET on 9th Jan and after a lot of emails from respondant, I have received the old "without Prejudice save as to costs" letter saying.."In the circumstances, and for the reasons listed above, the Respondent believes your claim has no reasonable prospects of success. Notwithstanding this in an attempt to bring this matter to a conclusion without further costs being incurred the Respondent is willing to withhold pursuing you for the costs it incurs in defending the claim, should you agree to withdraw your claim before 02 January 2013. If you choose not to withdraw and this matter progresses to hearing and you are unsuccessful, our client reserves the right to draw this email to the attention of the Employment Tribunal and make a cost application against you. Rule 76(1) allows a Tribunal to award costs against a party who has acted vexatious, abusively, disruptively or unreasonably in proceedings or when a claim had no reasonable prospects of success." I know this hardly ever happens but I was wondering how to reply I and a few other people some professional (not Lawyers) believe I have a strong case their 'paperwork' and 'witness statements' are pretty awful as in they contradict them selves. I find it pretty shocking that they have suggested I have been vexatious, abusive, disruptive or unreasonable I find this to be discriminating against me.. I don't want to be picky but I want a decent reply to them. I highly doubt "IF" they did win the would be awarded costs as I have a family (Wife and 3 Kids) and currently on JSA (Not by choice). Sorry for the long post and thank you Merry Christmas to all Gary
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