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  1. Hi all, If anybody still wishes to form part of a creditor committee (so we can investigate Yemonia's directors and force CB to do a proper job), can you please contact Alan Kelly at: [redacted] as a matter of urgency. We need between 3 and 5 members and time is running out. Between me and him we have 2, but I can't get hold of Apriumben so we just need one more person to respond. Alan works for a major accountancy firm and handles insolvency on a regular basis, but it would be good if you have a bit of spare time, have an ability to write coherent emails, live in London to make attending meetings easier, and have a decent knowledge of what's going on. If you're one of the people that keeps emailing me asking how to get your money back or don't know what Yemonia is, I'd say that (unfortunately) this isn't a job for you. EDIT: This is now sorted, no need to contact Alan
  2. Perhaps "in on it" is the wrong vernacular, but there are things CB should have done that they have not done...like let you all know about the meeting before the meeting took place! Furthermore, it didn't take admin (who is doing this for free, MM is getting paid) long to work out that AOE are dodgy, so why didn't MM perform the same cursory search before the meeting? So yeah, not saying they're crooked, but something is smelling fishy.
  3. He can speak English (and Greek and Polish), it's an even bigger con than you think The Mirror article is flawed and doesn't tell the whole story...but what else would you expect from The Mirror?
  4. If the phone's still sitting in a warehouse waiting to be sold, then trying to deactivate it using IMEI seems like a good shout and it will reduce their asset value...but personally I'd feel bad if it had already been sold to a poor kid in India, and then I got it switched off. I might be alone on that one! In other news, I've been contacted by another IP who says it's too late to get an alternative IP to CB assigned but he will ensure that CB do their job or he'll have them struck off...and he knows that MM has had prior business dealings with this shower, so odds of him doing his job properly are slim.
  5. Here you have the whole gang. Nearchos is in the blinding shirt. Guy on the right is George. [ATTACH=CONFIG]48659[/ATTACH] I was considering drafting a statement and walking into a City of London police station with it (they apparently specialise in financial crime). However, what do we have here? Vomit-worthy photographs, a splash of coincidence and some idle speculation that's bordering on libelous. Unless the policeman/insolvency agent has read this whole thread and has a conspiratorial (is that a word?) mind, they'll look at me as if I've got two heads. I don't even have the qualifications or understanding to explain the money-laundering aspect properly. Moreover, all that electronic digging and explanation took me the better part of a day so I can't afford to spend too much more time on this. No I've not passed it on yet...what's the best way to do it without opening a new case? I'll shoot admin a message now.
  6. Oh, and just in case they read this and take it all down, I have screenshots of everything for anybody who would still like to see pictures of, and read about, the people that stole their phone Just let me know.
  7. Read the following thread, all the details of the meeting are there...but the basic answer is "no". They seem to owe £200,000 to a company owned by themselves, and ony have £1500 of assets. It's all very messy. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?414324-Cash4phones-creditors-meeting-13th-Jan-Please-retweet-https-cag.tw-tf7/page6
  8. Not sure what can be done with this information, but this is Nearchos, that alleged he couldn't speak English (contrary to the comments he makes on his own photos). https://www.facebook.com/nearchos.chacholiades In the following images, the guy on his right, and left respectively, is his "translator" George Shiakallis, who gave a slightly different surname in the creditor meeting. The one shread of truth he spouted is that he has a law degree. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=485498928140155&set=a.367609289929120.83376.100000401555149&type=3&theater https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=680313171992062&set=a.367609289929120.83376.100000401555149&type=3&theater http://uk.linkedin.com/pub/george-shiakallis/45/2bb/b4b The latter link shows that it is not Nearchos that owns the Cypriot recycling company but George, so what're the odds that George also runs the UK version and his mate Nearchos has agreed to be the front (or back) man? Explains why George could answer complicated questions in the meeting without consulting Nearchos. George went to Leicester University, which is the same city where Mr Tank and his nice 911 reside. Perhaps they're mates from uni and Mr Tank is also on the legal roll. Taking the conspiracy a bit further, but there is absolutely no electronic way that I can find of identifying Phil Henchoz...alias for George perhaps? Sign up to this site: https://www.duedil.com//director/913719595/hannah-margaret-bennett and you get further details of foney finance companies owned by George, Vasant, Dipesh and co. that stem primarily from LPS Protect Ltd., including addresses for these companies...eventually you might hit upon one that isn't bogus. Why do I now feel like I need some sort of witness protection?
  9. The picture on Facebook is the guy that was at the meeting - although he looked a lot more depressed when I saw him
  10. Switching from naive idiot mode to paranoid crazy-person mode, but is there any way to find out if this was the same IP involved in the liquidation of any other companies set up by Henchoz and co.? Apriumben, can you remember the name of the translator alleging to be a non-practicing solicitor? I work for a law firm (far removed from consumer law, so not of much use) so we might be able to dig something up. I wasn't aware that they'd set up other phone recycling websites with UK domains. Does anyone have proof of this or is it a rumour?
  11. But what are we supposed to do about it? Apart from this new information about the non-existent loan company, the police already know everything. We can "assist" the IP by letting them know your findings, but I'm sure that they should have figured it all out for themselves already, meaning they're either dodgy or incompetant.
  12. Naive perhaps, but to be honest I walked away from it thinking that these guys are simply terrible businessmen that tried to cover up mistakes with dodgy behaviour - the original intention was not to commit fraud. It all seemed to make sense, although they primarily blamed Phillip Henchoz (probably because he wasn't there to defend himself) rather than categorically saying "sorry guys we screwed up". Bit like David Cameron blaming the labour party for all our current woes. The "translator" (George) was very dynamic, nice suit, spoke perfect English, and earned enough for a decent gym membership given the breadth of his shoulders. He knew the answers to complicated questions without even asking the director he was apparently translating for. The "director" (Nerchos) was old, spent the whole time looking at the floor, dressed head to toe in Primark, and spoke no English i.e. patsy. That being said, he does apparently run a similar business in Cyprus and only got involved in C4P because he thought he could rescue it. We did have the option to vote in a different liquidator but nobody volunteered the name of one. The one we're using seemed honest enough anyway. I didn't like the frisking or atmosphere, and I spent most of the first 15 minutes shaking...but given some of the comments on Facebook I can understand why they needed security. I don't think more bodies would have helped us, unless one of those bodies had a master plan to rescue the situation that we could all vote for. Furthermore, Hither Green is a pain in the arse to get to, it's hardly in the city centre. Not surprised it wasn't well-attended...but yeah 3 people is a pretty poor effort, and will probably result in The Mirror guy's article being shrunk from a full page spread to a tiny comment somewhere.
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