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  1. Hi, I have only the first part of the letter from c4p. And I stll keep the box of my phone with the IMEI number of the phone, if this helps!
  2. Well, unfortunately - no I didn't thought that I will need one. And I followed the instructions - post the phone to us using provided prepaid envelope
  3. Hi there I have problems with c4p as well:sad: I was wondering if you can help me and tell me what were the steps that you took, in order to get your money? My situation is that I did the evaluation on their website, I have received the prepaid envelope, I have sent my phone and thats it:sad: Now I am receiving emails that they didn't get my phone, the status of my order, on their website in my account, stays as Package sent to customer. The bad thing is that I can not prove that I already sent the phone long time ago:sad: Can you, please advise:-) I would be grateful!!! Thank you
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