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  1. We are essentially looking for any advice we can get to help in anyway. Obviously I would love nothing more than to just get out but that is impossible at the minute until my partner obtains employment again.
  2. We have got contents insurance I can assire you in fact we have two. One with the bank and another to cover what that one doesn't cover as it is one attached to an account so the cover is limited. The repairs are done by the landlord so we had no option to contact the letting agent to stay at tje property as when we attempted to do so we where told as it is not their company but the landlord’s they can not attend the property for supervision. They may of beem feeding us a pack of lies as they previously been less than honest (they stated the damp was not present until we moved in when I know someone who lived at the property 7 years ago moved out 5 and they reported the damp and mould to the agency). I have not been registered as disabled as you can not do it any more. Receipt of disability benefits are classified as proof of disability therefore you can no longer register as disabled, I called the benefits helpline to see if 8 could claim any for that reason and was told as I work 20 hours a week I am not entitled to anything so even attempting to claim would be pointless.
  3. We didn't pay a deposit. We got it deposit free for a quick move in deal. We have found some one from 7 years ago. However that still hasn't made any difference to them doing nothing to help.
  4. The damp was there notnling after moving in. The mould developed later. It is my uunderstanding from previous tenancy's (maybe wrong as not up on it which is why am on here ) that that insurance is maibly for furnished properties to protect the the landlords furniture. We have our pwn furniture and contents how ever the excess is £75 per item. We can't afford that and if the the landlord had fixed the problem when it was was reported there wouldn't of been the leak that's destroyed our property. We can't afford to pay for tracing services. As I can only work part time due to chronic health problems and my partner lost his job through having to keep taking time off to sort the all the problems with the house (people saying they'll come fix it never turning up etc) as I already have to have time off for hospital and doctors appointments I couldn't get the time off.
  5. Hi, Letting agent in question is actually based in Golborne (am property) how ever we live in wigan.* My story is as follows.* We have lived in a rented house for just over a year. *There has been a problem with damp in one room since we moved in. *For *the last 6 months this has caused black mould. *This has been reported to them several times and they have neglected to repair it. *It eventually ended up in a leak destroying a £400 tv, £200 pvr, £100 blu ray player, countless books and a £70 chest of drawers. *This is on top of countless items of clothing and shoes destroyed by the mould. *We contacted them to request a reimbursement with photos of the property that was destroyed (they have also been sent photos of the mould previously). *They asked for *a list of damaged property. *They have now informed us we will not be getting a reimbursement and that we now have to wait *until the new year for the damp to be repaired. *The landlord came out to fix the problem with the roof which was causing the damp and informed us the reason why we had to wait was due to the walls needing to dry out. *Today in the email we received from the letting agent they have stated that is no damp in the property despite them having seen photos and it was our choice to wait until the new year. *We are now left at Christmas around £1000 down through no fault of our own, living in a potentially hazardous property as they seem to have a complete disregard for the legalisation they are governed by. *To the extent they will not even release the landlords direct contact details. *They will only give us their details in order to contact him. *We have no money in order to move as my partner has lost his job through having to take time off to get this sorted, I can not work full time only part time as I have boneloss of the 2nd and 3rd metatarsal in my right foot and on morphine for the pain. *So we are now stuck here in an uninhabitable house, over £1000 down, with a completely ruined Christmas.* To add to this the landlord told us when he came and fixed the roof that the letting agent had informed him the damp had beem fixed, when in actual fact it had just been decorated over.* After asking around to friends and neighbours I habe been informed by neighbours the damp is a long standing problem of which previous tenants have moved out from their lack of will to repair it.* That no one has lasted longer than 6 months renting the house.* The list goes on and on.* One friend informed me am property attempted to make her claim for free insulation and a boiler in order to add value to the property.** She refused to do this for a couple of reasons, the fact obviously it is borderline fraud and secondly the have also refused to do repairs needed to her property.* Another friend moved into this property SEVEN years ago with the SAME agent and reported the SAME damp and black mould problem to the SAME agent, yet the agent says it wasn't here before we moved in. I am merely wanting to bring to yoir attention how they are willfully ruining people's lives.** As stated as a result of their negligence and willful disregard for legislation we're left with way over £1000 worth of damaged property which we can't afford to replace, with a ruined Christmas as some of the damaged property from the leak where Christmas presents,* living a potentially hazardous property with no means of moving house. We also have both been ill for the last year, my partner with coughs and colds and me with cramping and pins and needles in my limbs every morning, a brain fog I can not clear for upto an hour after being in the room for just a few minutes. Can anyone advise anything to help in anyway?
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