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  1. sorry that was a typo .. there were no penalty charges
  2. Hi Slick123, there was no plenty charges added on the barclaycard
  3. Hi silverfox, defult shows as date 30/04/2010 defult 290 ( which was paid in installments and paid off. 02/2010) current balance £4
  4. Hey slick123. i had taken the barclaycard out in 2002 and the defult was added on at 02/2010..its says on my credit expert that it is barclaycard and the debt was outstanding of £4
  5. Hi, I used to have a credit card with barclaycard and unfortunely it went to arrers, Thames credit agency took over it and i set up a payment plan that i could repay the debt back. the payments went through and i noticed they never got back to me regarding the outstanding balance been cleared. i called them and they said to me is balance has been paid in full. so i left it. years later i was trying to get a mobile phone on contract and got rejected thought its because i moved house. not until i wanted to get a contract now for the mobile phone an
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