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  1. I asked the police man and he said with it being my first offence and with me being so honest so far it could be a caution. I'm glad it's moving on. Rang the Samaritans again it helped taking to someone
  2. The police have just rang me. They only have CCTV footage of me last week but I have admitted everything in my statement. What should I do I'm so scared
  3. Thank you all so much. I feel a little better I rang the samaratins and they made me see it isn't the worst it could be. I really do appreciate the understanding and advice you have all shower and given
  4. Ok when ever this has happened to people at work before they have just called the police straight away and had them escorted out with the police. I hope the 6 years previous to this will go in my favour. I would never have done this if I hadn't been so desperate. Iv never so much as took a sweet with out paying for it before this
  5. So it's down to my manager? I have just read my suspension letter, it says Iv been suspended on full pay pending a disciplinary, I hope this suggests that they will just dismiss me
  6. Thank you. I hope they will just fire me at the disaplinary I will offer to pay everything back. I just can't have a criminal record on top of all this I will just never get out of everything. I really appreciate all of the help and advice offered. Although I don't deserve any of it. I hope that they would have called tho police at the meeting with the lp Seen as I admitted everything. He did say he didn't want to make my situation any worse. I might manage to actually sleep a little tonight. Thank you all again
  7. Thank you so much, I have no one to talk to my parents have thrown me out and I'm living in my car I have no friends or anyone I can turn to
  8. My whole life is a mess. This is the tip. The lp said he was only concerned about the amounts for his final year loss figure. I hope the disciplinary is the formality of firing me. I thought they would have called the police there and then with having evidence and me admitting guilt
  9. IV been totally honest with them. Told them the reason etc. I thought they would have called the police then but they suspended me and said I'll be called in for a disciplinary. The lp investigator said he was leaving it to my manager :/ If I'm honest the only way I can see out of this whole thing is if I just wasn't here at all. My life is a mess. I hate myself
  10. Thanks. I know Iv done wrong and I hate myself. I just hope they realise it's not like me, I'll pay back every penny. Iv never had anything to do with the police. I just hope they fire me at the disciplinary and set up a way for me to pay it back .
  11. I work for tkmaxx in London. Iv stole around £2700 in money and merch. It's no excuse but Iv had some pretty bad financial issues. I got called in and the regional lp took a statement from me I was then suspended on full pay and going to a disaplinary with my manager. Will they call the police? Will I go to prison. I'm so ashamed of my self. I was just wondering if you knew what the likely action is now? Iv worked there for 8 years and I have only done this over the last 2. The regional man said he was handing over to my manager. I know Iv done wrong and deserve everything I get I just wanted to know what to expect.
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