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  1. No I my marriage is over because I've also found out now she is addicted to cocaine & I'm so worried for my child, but she won't let me take her with me, I don't know what to do
  2. She openly admitted to opening my post & setting up Internet banking, she never had to go into a branch & if the bank did send a query apparently it was just a text message asking for confirmation to the transaction with a yes or no reply. She's run mounds of debts in my name I'm only just starting to gather everything. Not informed police yet, we've got a 3 year old...my wife is trying the Edited card!
  3. Over two years my wife has drained my bank account of £40k. I'm a complete idiot, but did not even know I had internet banking, my wife obviously set it up behind my back even supplying her phone number as my contact, I always asked her to check my balance & trusted her not realising she gambled all my money online using all my details & transferring money from my account to her own. I've asked lloyds why they did not alert me looking at the transactions & they say they only send a text, surely they have to be responsible in some way letting this happen, but they tell me it's my own fault, because my wife had my card & pin which she took from the post without me even knowing, but my argument is she didn't need my pin for thousands of online transactions.
  4. Southern Pacific sold my mortgage to engage credit earlier this year, I have not heard anything about a refund from either company, am I entitled to be refunded?
  5. I am also being chased by enterprise under the same circumstances as you for £43000 of made up debt , I cannot believe they can do this to people, they promised the earth, gave nothing & now want to take everything, I have not heard from them for 4 months though I am certain they haven't forgot about me, I was made bankrupt in March however because we had a joint tenancy agreement the debt now passes on to my husband & we are now having to face the fact that he will have to declare himself bankrupt to crush this debt. I hope you can get some good advice on here , they seem a good helpful bunch, best of luck & don't give in to enterprise!
  6. Hi I have had tremendous help here before, after successfully suspending repossession on my first mortgage I am now being chased by my second mortgage co. I have large arrears on my second mortgage & they got a repo order but have not set a date for eviction now for over 6 months whilst I have been paying them £50 per month off the arrears but I promised them a lump sum payment of £1500 which my mom said she will give me, whilst it was waiting for them to accept the offer after them first refusing I was made bankrupt, I am much better off now, very little equity in my home but here's my scenario, I am now being hassled for the £1500 with threat of eviction, but if I accept this money from my mom then I should pay it to my official receiver, either way I seem doomed.
  7. No we own nothing of value, the question is do we lend the money to make my husband bankrupt before bailiff turns up at our home of which is very embarrassing to us in front of close neighbours or is it likely that if we send a letter to bailiff stating we own nothing of value or any cars that they will take our word for it & not pay us a visit but return the debt to council & they pay & make my hubby bankrupt. Biggest scenario is I do not want bailiff coming to my home
  8. We were charged an extra 6 months after we vacated the property because we did not give notice to our pub co landlords & they said we were still responsible
  9. Can anyone give me advice, I have been made bankrupt recently, my problem is I had a business in joint tenancy with my husband & due to Mounting debts closed down August 2013, the business rates debt has been passed to bailiffs total of £17000 pounds, I told bailiff I am bankrupt & they tell me it makes no difference because my hubby isn't bankrupt, I am not in a job & my hubby only earns £1000 per month now the bailiff say they are coming to our home if We do not pay £745 per week, what's our best option I don't want the embarrassment of them coming to my house to see if I have anything Of value, what should we do
  10. No profit & yes a very exaggerated br if breakdown, I will attach tomorrow
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