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  1. Thanks, if only it was that simple. If he is not an account holder but his name appears on the account, is he still liable for those bills? I added everyone's name to the bills because I was under the impression this would split the responsibility.
  2. I am in a house share and one of the tenants is moving out a few months after we signed the contract, for personal reasons. However he is now being awkward saying that because he isn't living there, he shouldn't have to contribute towards the bills. There is nothing in the contract that deals with this explicitly but we have a verbal agreement between ourselves (there are four of us) that the bills are split equally. Apart from the bills where I have added his name to the account, is he still liable for them? He is being difficult and I have only just managed to convince him
  3. Hi all, first post here I bought a car part on eBay on the 1st of this month (Monday) using a Visa Electron card via PayPal, costing just shy of £100. It was meant to be delivered next day (Tuesday) through Parcelforce. Parcelforce never delivered and every day gave the excuse there were backlogs. I work full-time so I asked that it be left at a Post Office for me to collect, to which they agreed twice. On Friday, I was still waiting so called them up and asked them to return to sender as I was going to get the part from somewhere else, to which they agreed, and asked them no
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