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  1. Hi, I am on post work porogramme support. work programme lasts for two years [104 weeks] regardless the number of weeks you spent off benefits / working during the 104 weeks. Your WP prowider has your starting and finishing day on your file on the computer. Go in to see it for yourself which day the 104 weeks is over. Ask them to print it out for you [screen shot, etc]. If you were working for 100 weeks out of the 104, WP still finishes when the 104 weeks is over. I would hate to think that the Jobcentre was wrong about your finishing date. Have you got the letter ab
  2. CCOI1 stands for Customer Compliance Office Interview 1 Template letter reference
  3. Before my compliance interview I went through the customer compliance guidance / freedom of information request response I found online. It says they are not allowed to tell you what it is about before the interview because it may prejudice the investigation. They have to say "it is to ensure that you are getting the correct payment". Correct payment: payment continues if you done nothing wrong. Incorrect payment: when they pay those who commit fraud. So they check to see if all is in order to ensure claimants only get their rightful money. There are loads of malicious allegations a
  4. There are free phones at the Jobcentre to call and ask if you JSA is in payment. Your adviser on the computer on your file shall see if it is in payment. She is the one who puts the money through when you sign on. Habitual Residency Tests can take long. You can request an on-the-day payment when the money appears in your bank account within a few hours of the JCP authorizing the transaction immediately upon your request. Otherwise it takes 3 working days for the payment to clear and appear in your account. You can apply for a short-term benefit advance when there is a delay in the pr
  5. I just want to say do not worry because I had the same letter and it is all good. Mine was signed "Compliance Officer". Other than that, they wanted to see the same documents as your letter lists. They did not ask any questions, just photocopied the docs. I explained in a covering letter that my bank statements show a few small change deposits when I paid in cash to round up my balance to a tenner to be able to withdraw my last bit of money as cash card, can not pay by card. My ex had slandered me in every possible manner to all authorities because I called the police when he hit me
  6. Under the Data Protection Act the individual's private information is protected and they do not have to consent to waiving this right. I may decide to publish my number in an advert but all kind of weirdos can call me and may have to change my number. OP doesn't say adviser instructed to publish number. Open an email account. Email address must not include your full name so safe to publish and can be discarded later on. Advisers are supposed to help and may be at a loss at what new help they may come up with. Advertising on the internet is easier than in a newspaper. The net ad
  7. Some mortgages state owner occupiers only [as opposed to rent to buy]. Allegedly some mortgages do not allow DSS tenants as insurance is higher in those cases. Owner occupier can have a lodger if informing the mortgage company so on that basis why couldn't she have a friend staying for a few months. I misunderstood the redirection, it seems, and ended up being an alarmist.
  8. They are not allowed to define the meaning of Worker. Define status they do. Language barriers so read the links, not my blurb.
  9. The same out of work benefits, I meant. In-work benefits are the same already. Hence the UK desperate to define what genuine and effective work is. Member states are not allowed to define Worker status so Britain came up with "earn at least £153pw otherwise you are a Jobseeker and not eligible for HB".
  10. Please read attached HB circular to see what council HB staff is to do. You will be fine even if amount of rent changes, just submit the new tenancy agreement to be photocopied. Only take a job that pays minimum £153pw and provides a 12 month written contract. Sign on immediately if you lose the job to retain HB with a retained Worker status. Short-term work means you keep looking for work and you are classified as a Jobseeker while doing the temp job so no unless absolutely necessary. Move within the borough only to avoid suspension or disallowance of HB. Current borough is un
  11. Her home address is where she actually lives. Main home and secondary residence. If she sleeps at yours at least 4 nights per week, it is her main home address. Stating on paper main address as her parents' address is misrepresentation which may account to fraud and if found out, criminal conviction. From the post it sounds like OP's friend will be visiting parents every now and then but not living at parents'. No need to visit to pick up post as it will be redirected so even these visits are not 100%. What if they live 100s of miles away.. I would declare everything as it is st
  12. Please save and read the attached case law about the required weekly steps to take to be considered actively seeking employment. Your adviser says you have not done enough to find a job and it falls within the not meeting the actively seeking work requirement. The case law says regardless what your Jobseeker's Agreement says, you have been actively seeking work in the relevant week if in that week you took more than two steps which give you the best chance of securing employment. So taking three adequate steps per week is enough even if agreement states apply for at least 5 jobs pe
  13. The few words which make tens of thousands of EU migrant jobseekers ineligible for HB: "Amendment of the Housing Benefit Regulations 2006 2. (1) In regulation 10(3B) of the Housing Benefit Regulations 2006(1)— (a) omit the “or” following sub-paragraph (i); (b) in sub-paragraph (k) omit “, an income-based jobseeker’s allowance”; © after sub-paragraph (k) add— “;or (l) in receipt of an income-based jobseeker’s allowance and has a right to reside other than a right to reside falling within paragraph (3A).”. Saving 3. (1) The amendment in regulation
  14. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/minimum-earnings-threshold-for-eea-migrants-introduced Look at the chart about benefit entitlements on the link above. It says no ESA to EU migrant Jobseekers so your eligibility will depend on whether you have retained Worker status. Like I said, you retain Worker status if you sign on as Jobseeker immediately after losing your job [maybe a few days after is ok, but if there is a period of a month, the status is likely to be lost]. You also retain Worker status if you are unable to work due to illness and claim ESA / Statutory Sick Pay while
  15. [ATTACH=CONFIG]49965[/ATTACH]I am an EU migrant on IB-JSA and HB. Been in the UK for nine years now. You will lose your right to get HB if you make a new HB claim as a Jobseeker. If you move, you have to move within the same borough as it will be treated as a change of circumstance [change of address] and not as a new claim. Moving to a new borough means making a new HB claim from the new borough and the law says from 1st April EU migrants on IB-JSA are not eligible for HB unless they already have a HB & JSA claim awarded on 31st March 2014. As a Jobseeker, you will keep your HB
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