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  1. hi andy , i did all of the above and i now ecieved a copy from bcs with thier question sheet and a letter saying they are awilling to proceed with mediation and look forward to hearing from me . the thing is i still have yet to recieve any proof this is my account ??? so what weill happen next do you know ? thanks again
  2. hi angel im in the same position. i only recieved my questionnaire yesterday ( must be a postal problem) AND HAS TO BE IN BY TODAY. did you find out if there is another way to put this in without posting , any advice grately recieved bambi
  3. hi andy , the next part of this, i recieved a questionnaire of the court yesterday , wheni went to fill it out today i notice that its dated 1/2/14 , and had to be in by today. ???? they have given me no time to fill this in , can i do it via internet or telephone? please if you have a spare five mins to answer today and also do i put i want mediation even though i want proof this debt is mine and also i put my local court and the reason as its nearest to me?? again is this ok ,. cheers andy i cant wait for this to be over also do isay yes to the free mediation service? thank you
  4. yes thank you Andy it does makes sense , i had seen a previous case you had helped with and iv read through it. Thank you very much with your continued support, without people like you bully boys like this would get away with murder. thank you
  5. oh they said on the letter thank you for your defence . very short and sweet . they also included a letter that they had sent to the court and that just said that they thank them for the defence and that they will be persuing the claim.
  6. Hi Andy, no , just a very short letter saying that that have informed the court they will be going ahead with the claim and that they are open to mediation or offers and that they will look forward to hearing from me. But as they have never given me any evidence of this account i am not going to offer anything. prove i owe you the money or take me to court i say. there was no instructions and iv not heard anything from the court.
  7. Hi Andy , i wonder if you can help me with the next step , the court filed my defence and iv recieved a letter back of bcs saying that they are going ahead with the claim and that they are open to mediation . what do i do next , many thanks
  8. iv just spoken to the court and they have said even though my defense should have been in by 15th they are awilling to take a look at it and iv emailed my defence along to them . I told bcs that i have sent my defense off and that i am going to fight them all the way . So how do i put them on notice ? thanks again
  9. my day is going from bad to worse , for some reason my details did not save on my pc and therefore i have no log in details , i think i ll have to post my defense and just hoper for the best , i cannot even getto talk to a human on the northampton county court. i telephone bcs who says they are still claiming
  10. Thank you andy , i know im as mad as hell with myself for this huge mistake , iv been on various helplines , i will do this asap and have a look , i have infact just recieved a letter back from bcs with my postal order stating they cannot provide me with the paper work and to get in touch with lowell , also saying if i could phone them to make a payment offer.
  11. Hi well my cut of date to get my defense in is 20th Jan , so even though iv not heard from bcs should i still send the defense of today ? many thanks nadine also can i send defense via the web or does it have to be in writting ? thanks hopefully this will be last step omg andy i need your help !!! iv just realised the issue date was 13th dec, not 19th as originally thought. Now what will happen as i have no time to put in a defence please help my defense was supposed to have been in on 15th , im devestated , what can i do
  12. thank you Andy you have my sincere grattitude. I will send this letter and let you know how i get on . I cannot for the life of me remember this account but like i said myself and my husband had many accounts that have all been settled so this one was a shock, If they provide me with evidence that infact this was a account will that effect my case as i would look like a liar then. but i am genuine i cannot find any correspondance from this particular cataloge. again Thank you
  13. ok andy i understand thanks for explaining , so the new letter is now ok then and what do you advise i now do? in repects to i send this off today then should i start to prepare my defense upon the basis i have no acknowledgment of this account and seeing that bcs have not complied with my requests for the relevant paperwork that i request that they throw it out ? many thanks andy
  14. above reajusted letter. i just took aout the part about my defense , i know it must be frustrated by newbies as its difficult for people such as myself to understand all the different terminology. I am not academic and find it difficult but am not going to allow a ccj to be placed on me for something which to date i am unaware of . I want to put in my defence that i am unaware of this account i need paperwork cca ect so that i can fully understand what they are taking me to court for . is that ok to do that , if you could possible take the time to reply again as i need to post this letter toda
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