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  1. Sorry but they are useless, this is so typical of them, loosing things, taking so long to repair, in future use a reputable firm!
  2. for my problems with Currys etc, I wrote to the CEO of the Company and eventually got things sorted, don't bother with the stores and Sales Staff they are useless, even store Managers. Just email the CEO
  3. I would like to thanks all those people who helped me, I wrote to the CEO of Dixons/PC world/currys and got a good reply from him, the one person in the company who has bothered, and they are now going to send me some compensation! Not very much but at least it is something. Anyway I would be very wary of ever using these companies again in the future, and would rather go to Argos, Tesco Direct, etc!!
  4. They said they had to raise the paperwork, and would do so in a couple of days, I think I was rather trusting and gullible! I left my card details which they already had. When I rang the store (one of the times) the person who answered even told me that the receipt that I had was not even a valid receipt!! So I rang a manager. I did not know I could have gone to another store, this was never told to me.
  5. thanks I will and thanks for your good wishes I will let you know what happens!!!
  6. Yes, thank you,I have written it down and will definitely write to him after Christmas, (not feeling too good this week), I am sure he won't be there till the New Year, thank you very much for the name and email address.
  7. I will do so after Christmas I am not too well this week with the chemo, and then I have a couple of days with friends, and i am sure that he wont be there till after the New Year. I will not let it drop don't worry, as you say why should they be aloud to run around and treat us customers in this way disgusting. No customer service in PC World etc. Glad I don't work for them they must be a crap employer.
  8. my point was that I was promised each time by the store they would pay, so I stupidly believed them each month. I did c a senior manager who also said he would make sure it was done. FALSE PROMISE yet again, that is why we tried to do it amicably. Now of course having written (as I should) a letter of request of formal refusal -( correct procedure) I will write to the CEO as someone kindly gave me his name and email. I asked the shop in Cheltenham several times for the Company Director at head office and they ignored this request. I have definitely taken all reasonable steps to resolve this matter in a polite and reasonable way, and I can tell the judge this. I am sure that he will see that from all the paper work I have. I am just now feeling very angry at being treated in such an offhand rude manner from the Customer Service Department, This is a big company and should learn how to treat customers correctly. I work in retail and my company being one of the biggest would ;NEVER EVER treat a customer in this fashion, why should Currys/dixons PC World be permitted to do so?. Not only this case, there are hundreds of people out there who have had disgusting service from this company one way and another, (one of their store reps let this drop once when I was talking to him)!!!
  9. Uve got it all wrong. I phoned the shop multiple times, my friend who lives near Cheltenham went in multiple times,, this was just trying to get my £450 back. Nothing to do with compensation. They took my money from card on 3 Sept, I was told via phone call on 4 Sept that I was going into hospital on 16 Sept to have a mastectomy and Lymph gland removal, I had not taken the goods from the store as they were not ready, so on 4 Sept i cancelled the order, by calling into the store at which time they should have refunded the money straight back to the card. I felt that with this shock I could not cope with a new computer and how to work it at this time (I happen to be 70 - even though I still work). My phone calls, (I live in North Wales) and my friends visits to the store were at least weekly, for TWO months before eventually they paid back onto my card. So that is why I feel they should compensate me. I AM NOT TRYING TO BE GREEDY, just get my out of pocket expenses. As I say the shop is in Cheltenham I live in North Wales. My friend lives down there.
  10. As soon as Christmas is done ( not feeling very good at the moment - due to the chemo) I will definitely get on with small claims court I have listed all dates and phone calls, and journeys to the shop!
  11. I am hardly claiming for nothing! two months waiting for a proper and simple refund! and I am not claiming hundreds only what I am legally entitled to re bank interest, loss of saving,s phone calls, and petrol money trying to sort it out. So thanks for this, but I am being very fair and reasonable to a really crap company, who treat their customers like rubbish, we are customers and I will make sure as many people as possible know about it through my Forums on Face book which go right round the UK. I have polite alll the way through until now
  12. well I am a tryer, and not easily put off (due to my training as a Senior Union Rep) so I will persist why should this company feel they can get away with treating people in this manner. Do they they think because they are a big company they can treat the general public as if WE are their servants? Treat us with contempt? and derision? It is high time that they are liable for their wrongs. Making an old person with Cancer wait two months to refund money that should have been refunded within three days, and put back on the card, is pretty disgusting treatment ! Why should I suffer loss of interest having to use savings to get to hospital and back (because I had no spare cash) ignore phone calls etc?
  13. will do thank you, I will send an email or letter to the CEO, I can assure you I have been politeness all the way through, never once being rude even though one weekend when I phoned the Manager in Cheltenham, he just said to me that he was 'busy' and put the phone down on me before I could say anything (apart from my name at the begining ) !!! I have never once been rude even now
  14. yes I have listed phone calls, date they eventually refunded the money (after two months), visits to the store by myself and a friend. All this does not take into account the stress during my chemotherapy, as i was over £400 out of pocket and therefore had no money to use for extra's ! I have had to pay alot mot petrol due to all the hospital visits I have had to make, therefore using savings
  15. The Manager in the Store, witnessed by a friend, verbally, and one email referred to it.
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