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  1. I know, then all he has to do is serve the letter to the address that he has been given, but from what I read he hasn't been given any address for LL, just be told he cant have the info, I my self would get EH in and let them sort it,
  2. return it to his property other wise it can be classed as theft, as all he has to do is phone police and say you stole his bamboo
  3. sounds like probs we have had, they tart up a property for when you move in, and then the probs appear and they say it is something you are doing wrong are your friends who lived in the property prepared to be witness and give statements that the property was in that condidtion when they lived there, if they are great, contact EH as this is a long standing problem that the agent and LL are not fixing, once EH say there are probs the LL has to fix them the prob we had in our house was that the damp, we had was more condensation, and our LL though it was our fault, till he was told that the reason the house is full of condensation was due to lack of venterlatin and inadequate heating, all his responsibility, what is you EPC rating refuse to pay rent till you get your LL name and address, if they say we will evict you say great, I will wait for the court date, and then the court order and will stay till the bailiffs turn up, as legally they are the only ones who can remove you from the house, takes about 8 months in all and LL has to do it as if it goes to court, just tell judge, after 6 months of asking the LA refused to tell you who your LL was, which you have to know by law, as should be on tenancy for "posting of notices", but keep rent, so it can be brought up to date
  4. no, they wont let me with out a court order to do it, as it is still with in the first 30 days of it being put in, plus my LL wont agree to it or give me a good ref to move house, as I had to get EH to force him to fix a leaking chimney which has ruined one half of a house wall, as the chimney is leaking, which has caused damp in 2 bedroom walls and a bathroom down stairs, plus other things in the house, he has neglected over the years
  5. the damp isn't alleged, I have a report from EH over the state of the house, due to his refusal to fix any thing in the house got told I can use MCOL to claim back my deposit only, as it is a set amount, but most of the advice you receive is design for LL
  6. have decided that I am sueing my LL and the choice I have are MCOL for £795 (deposit) which he put in a scheme 10 months after i gave it to him (gave in jan 13, he paid it in dec 13) MCOL for £795 (deposit) + damage to my property from the damp in the house, plus stress and harressment as he refuses to fix any thing in the house N1 claim form for everything I am not happy with and let judge decided which do you think would be best way am not bothered about him evicting me cheers
  7. I went to view a house today with a agent, great house, filled in all paper work, got talking about the LL I got now, told truth, had to get EH to fix house that is why we are leave and he wasn't happy about it, and he was forced to put bond in a scheme, agent said would he give you a good ref, said don't know, he isn't happy with us, as he been ordered to fix the house, agent said "in that case they might turn you down and you will be wasting your money" said, I can prove I have paid the rent every month on time, "that might help but if he says you have damaged the house, then they wont even take a second look at it, as they will take his word over yours"
  8. we are having probs with out LL and if they aint done the guarantor legally, then you are not liable, as our LL find out to his disapointment
  9. when you signed the agreement, was it witnessed and was you given a copy of the tenancy agreement
  10. can I sue my LL for not protecting a deposit that took him 10 months to put in a scheme, he only put it in on the 2 December 2013, or because he has put it in does he have all the legal rights he would of had, had he done it legally from the start
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