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  1. Thanks for your comment. The other thread was a verbal agreement, I stupidly signed a bit of paper. I presumed I had a cooling off period because I was a sole trader and therefore had consumer rights. I'm not so sure now.
  2. Thanks for the reply. The Rep rang me and apologised for the mis understanding and said "you can tear up that contract and forget about it". although it's his word against mine if he decides to deny it, the call wasn't recorded.
  3. I’m a Sole Trader who works from home. I was recently contacted by a company by phone that offer a web based networking service, it sounded interesting so I agreed to meet one of their representatives at a Costa in the City Centre. He told me of all of the benefits that being a member of the site would give me. He told me that he was giving me the best possible deal along with... they were a company that could be trusted etc. etc. I signed up for the service. When I returned home and went onto the website I realised that they were charging me an extra £80.00 more than everybody else. I
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