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  1. It's The Gym. They've said they're giving me a refund so I'd rather not write it off, I just want my refund! What's an LBC?
  2. Hi slick! On 22 July they said they would refund me £74.07 Theres no DD in place as my membership was a once off payment in November last year. Hi Dx, I paid through PayPal last year as a one off payment.
  3. Hello, I was emailed by the gym saying they would refund me half of my gym membership as I was unable to travel to the gym (it was in a location near my university and not my home). I have been waiting since July for this refund and they keep saying they're looking into it but I haven't received it yet. in one email they said that it was their accounts team having an issue locating my PayPal account. My PayPal account is the same email they contacted me on. And I haven't had a response in the past week about what the next hold up is but this is beyond r
  4. Neither Bank has been able to help me retrieve my money - is this worth taking to small claims court?
  5. Thanks for the quick response! Unfortunately it was an online bank transfer, not a payment directly through my card (which is a visa debit). but thank you for the advice! It seems odd that money can be accepted into a bank account that has been closed... any knowledge about that? I should also explain that Wells Fargo is an american bank.
  6. Hello, I was the victim of a [problem] on craigslist for a holiday rental in san francisco. I have gone through every fraud form imaginable, my bank and even reported it to the san francisco police but had no solution. I was told by the "owner " of the property to pay the full amount for the rental into a bank account (of which I still have all the details). I did so and upon receipt of my email, the "owner" said that the account was closed and I needed to cancel the payment and pay into a new account which had a different name. This is when alarm bells sounded for me and I started
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