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  1. hi guys, I made a claim for ppi, which has been successful, and I have been awarded just over £4000. in the what happens now section it says that '' my review shows your financial affairs are being managed by a insolvency practioner or iva supervisor so its being paid to them. now the loan was taken out in 1999 and paid off in full in 2002. in 2005 I was declared bankrupt and since then I have not been in a iva or in any insolvency arrangement, I rang Halifax, who the complaint is with and told them and they are looking into it, although the cheque is being made out to the official receiver. it just doesent seem right that money im getting now this long after my bankruptcy should be going back to them especially as the debt was repaid years before my bankruptcy order was made??
  2. sorry yeah - its a old littlewoods shop direct debt, last time it was acknowledged or payment was 2006. since then nothing. i have replied to recent letter they sent me, with a template stating that it is statute barred, they replied saying a credit was made in 10th june 2008 for £5.80. i have sent them a letter asking for proof of this and how the credit was made and who made it and they have now replied saying that is all the information they hold on the matter and are still pursuing the debt. if i dont pay by 12th may, they will begin court proceedings? i definatly didnt make that payment, if was going to pay anything it would have been either £5.00 or £10.00, not a random figure like £5.80. hope this info is ok. many thanks jamie.
  3. original debt is from arrow global passed from o2, hasnt been acknowlodged or paid since 2006.
  4. no they havent started litigation yet. but are pursuing debt without providing requested information, what to do now please?
  5. hi guys, received a letter today saying that restons are still pursuing a debt that i wrote to them telling them its statute barred. i used templates from here, asking for lots of proof of why it isnt, which they have not provided, but they have now sent a letter saying they have provided all information they hold and their position remains unchanged. if i dont pay by 12th may, they will be issuing court summons, or i can pay in instalments or pay a one off reduced balance. the debt is 100% statue barred and they have not given me any info i asked for, (proof of final payment made, how it was paid, who paid it, or any receipts) and i have not acknowlodged the debt. shall i just ignore, because in my last letter i said if they do not provide relevant info, it will be my last correspondence? many thanks for all help.
  6. thanks for your reply. yeah it is arrow, i really dont remember making any payments, is there a template i should use or just a standard letter asking for proof? many thanks.
  7. hi guys, i recently sent off a template letter to restons solicitors regarding an old o2 account telling them my o2 account that has been passed to them is now statute barred. they have responded with a letter stating the account was opened on or around 21 june 2005 and a credit in the sum of £8.50 was made on the 8th june 2008. i am 100% sure no payments were made then, i have no proof, but by the wording of their letter (the on or around 21 june 2005) neither have they. they are now asking me to complete a financial statement and return within 2 weeks or legal proceedings will commence. have i opened a can of worms here?? i am guessing i can ask for proof that the credit was made and that i made it? any help please friends and thank you for reading.
  8. hi guys, just to let you know i recieved a letter today with my new payment plan for £1.00 a month! seems silly as i first wanted to pay £20.00 a month but they didnt want it, but they are happy to take £1.00 a month!! thanks for all your help.
  9. if i start getting debt collection agency letters, what do i do then? carry on making my £1 payment to very, themselves or deal with agency?
  10. just wrote out letter above. thanks very much. i cant wait to see what they respond with after this one!
  11. would requesting the cca agreement be of any use at this stage?
  12. thanks for your reply, is there a standard letteri can write to them now? thanks.
  13. hi again guys, received a letter today, thanking me for my letter and offer, but sadly declining it as it does not meet their minimum payment criteria. they have given me a phone number to ring to offer guidance and a alternative solution but i somehow dont think its going to help me out. i sent them my income/outgoing sheet stating that i can barely afford the £20 a month. what do i do now? many thanks. also they are still adding admin charges ? how is this going to get resolved if they add more to the debt!?!?
  14. hi, again guys, i have wrote up a letter from a template here, including my personal budget sheet and will be sending it tomorow. if it is refused what is the next step? many thanks for all your help, hope you all had a good christmas.
  15. is there any links to templates here that i could use to send the letter to them? many thanks.
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