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  1. Got to the bottom of it with the service manager: - The dealer only receive one oil, which is appropriate for the car - The description used on the invoice is incorrect and hasn't been updated for a while, and I was apparently the first person to notice - I'm satisfied that everything is fine and they are updating the details for future invoices On the matter of what made the oil on the invoice inappropriate: - It was of the correct viscosity and met some of the manufacturer specs - It was not low-SAPS / ACEA C3 (one of the req specs), which could lead to accelerated DPF ash bui
  2. Dear CAG users, I recently put my 3-year-old car in for service at a main dealer that is part of a much larger chain. It was a special fixed-price deal for an interim service. I noticed the next day that the invoice listed an oil of the correct viscosity, but which is not in line with the car manufacturer's recommendations and is not appropriate for an engine with DPF. It is also suspiciously cheap for the spec that should have gone in (£20 for 4.5L), however the pricing on the itemised invoice was fudged for the price-fixed offer so I'm aware it may not have actually
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