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  1. To be fair, no I didn't, but judging from how much the loan was and how long it took to pay off I'm quite sure the amount offered was near the mark. I'm going to SAR Barclaycard though, I definitely had some PPI on a card years ago. Lee
  2. Success! Had a letter from HSBC today upholding my complaint. £3,300 - which includes PPI from the Personal Loan Plus account I had open before I took out that loan to pay it off. Safe to say Saturday was a grand day! I sent the 28-day payment written confirmation back today so hopefully that goes into my account sooner rather than later. Thanks for your help guys, and good luck to those still locked in battle to get their taken money back!
  3. Hi Andy,Thank you for your reply. I've sent the questionnaire back today - it's the FOS one for sure and I've got a copy. Have sent it as Signed For First Class to so I'm sure they're going to get it.I'm going to call them in early January to ensure they've received the questionnaire and it is being processed, do you think this is a good idea?Again, thanks for your help.Lee
  4. Hi everyone, Great to hear the success stories on this site of people being able to get their mis-sold PPI back. Hope I can do the same! I have just put in a phone call with HSBC/HFC for a loan that I settled in January 2008 (so just within the six-year point after which my information will be deleted). They said they would send out an acknowledgement letter within five days along with a questionnaire which I needed to fill out and send back. I don't have any of these statements or the loan agreement any more, I chucked them a few years ago, so it's vital that I put the complain
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