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  1. Just a thought...I'm with Talk Talk and have recently found their call barring service (which is free of charge) very useful if someone's calling too much. You press 14258 and then ** and the last incoming number is blocked. Never hear from the MIL again ...(just kidding)
  2. Well...since I am completely totally comprehensively skint Eversheds can badger me for a lump sum all they like lol Isn't it all a bit a**e about face to apply for an eviction date and then ask if they can assist (rhetorical)? This is all because last month I paid 1750 instead of 2K!!!
  3. Yes and was also writing to Eversheds today. Also just received a SMS asking to contact Eversheds to see "if their client can assist". Is that standard practice i.e. going through the motions? Surely that comes before seeking an eviction date?
  4. Well I saw that form N244 was the way to go and have already downloaded it but wanted to get professional advice too. His letter (to Eversheds) was £70 and as you said Court Fee £45 and I can be sure everything is completed properly and won't be dismissed on technicality.
  5. Thanks HB - wasn't quite sure where to start as first timer on here! To elaborate, the lender is Santander and the solicitors are the friendly team at Eversheds (I have noted some of the comments on here) The house is worth 750,000 and the outstanding mortgage is approx 230,000 so you can see straightaway that Santander would recoup all their money no problem and I'm wondering if this is working against me...they can have no worries over not getting all their money back which makes it all too easy to go down the repossession route. Or am I just being paranaid?>
  6. I am in similar situation...when you say arrears are you talking about the whole total of arrears or the arrears on your monthly agreed sum? We have eviction date of 30th Jan 2014 because I have fallen just £250 behind on our agreed monthly payment (mortage payment plus sum towards our arrears) I am worried because, whilst I will be able to pay the £250 very shortly I won't be able to pay the total mortgage arrears (approx 16K) I have been able to fulfill the terms of our suspended possession order since Feb but fell behind this month Seeing solicitors this afternoon but grateful for a
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