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  1. They were sent to Northampton the exact address that was on the form. They were sent on Tuesday at 3.00 and got signed for Thursday ay 8.45 am. Sent by royal mail 1 St class signed upon delivery.
  2. That I have not been in touch with them. But I have contacted them 2 weeks ago. They are asking for me to pay the outstanding balance of £278.
  3. Evening. I received another letter from the bailiff should I contact them. I have also sent the tc, 7 and tc9. Many thanks.
  4. I was living with my ex up until last April. I then moved out I was and still am sofa surfing. At friends and family. The letter was sent to my ex address she then informed me of the letter. The letter was addressed to me. And no the car was scrapped I hope this makes a little more sense.
  5. Hi and good evening to you all. I received a letter from Marston. Asking for a payment for the pcn I received which is £278. i alleged offence took place on the 21/12/18 in the London Borough of barking. I received no kind of ticket not sure if it was a mobile camera. when I look on the council web site and put pcn number in it says its on stop. I can not see any proof of photos that I have broken their parking laws..I have spoken to marstons who asked for a payment of £101 which I cannot afford then asked for £83 which I still cannot afford. Plus the letter
  6. sorry not be able to reply as i have been away.the debt is for a mobile phone contract.so where would i stand re statutory dec would i not be able to take this on my mums behalf.or could i not take her there my self ?.
  7. this is on behalf of my brother who has drink and drug problems, he got a letter from a firm of bailiffs who i dont know at the moment who they are called, going to get the letter today to read. now my question is can the bailiffs take what is not my brothers goods he has none .he lives with my mum who has deamenture my mum lets anybody in the house ,what i would like to ask can the bailiff take what is not his, i keep my working tool there, fishing tackle up in the loft. i really dont know what to do for the good sake of my mum
  8. well i got a letter from marlin yesterday stating they will accept my ofter of £40.would like to thank those who helped me.
  9. so should i send them a letter explaining that i have already sent them one.
  10. just got another letter from marlin, for i and e i already sent them one. should i fill there one out and send it of to them or send a letter telling them i have already sent one to them. i did agree to pay £40 per month but once i got paid i could only afford to pay £30, should i fill there form out.
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