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  1. You are a star DX. Thanks I know that I have been stressing about the NtK being out of time under PoFA, and the fact that POPLA is making the calculation error too, but I feel that many people may be being wrongly treated like this. Therefore, I have just phoned the BPA and spoke to a very sympathetic person who confirmed that the operator was out of time in sending the PCN to the Keeper. I gave them the dates of the incident and the date of issue of the PCN but no other details of the case. She asked me to fill in the complaints form on the BPA webs
  2. dx100uk says: "forget anything to do with pofa and popla and court ..small immaterial fry to a court." Does that mean that the failure of the operator to meet the PoFA time window to pursue the Keeper is irrelevant? Surely that is necessary in order for the Court to even consider Keeper liability? I will try again to rescan the PCN, but the initial file size was too large, and when I reduced it, it was too blurry. I have some photos of the signs too. I'll try later today Many thanks to you all for taking an interest
  3. OK, thanks. I will get scanning and redacting. However, isn't the fact that the NtK was 'given' out of time, sufficient to resist a claim in court? I presume that I am correct in my interpretation of PoFA?
  4. I will happily scan the NtK if it will help my case. Please tell me what is the benefit now that I have got past the POPLA stage?
  5. Thank you. My reason for appealing to POPLA was my naive belief that since the contravention of PoFA was so obvious that my appeal would have been allowed. I am sure that you are aware that Moneysavingexpert forum does advocate appealing. No doubt you have had a healthy debate in the past. Nevertheless, can you confirm my interpretation of PoFA? Alleged offence: 15 Aug Date of issue: 30 Aug Thanks
  6. 1 15 Aug 2019 2 Date on the NTK [this must have been received within 14 days from the 'offence' date] [scan to follow] 3 PCN issue date 30 August Presumed date of delivery (under PoFA) 3 September 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? - YES 5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event? YES - ANPR photos of reg plate 6 Have you appealed? [Y/N?] YES Have you had a response? [Y/N?] as below 7 Who is the parking company? EURO 8. Where exactly: Solent Reta
  7. Yes, I have obtained advice from another forum and strictly followed it through to POPLA appeal. My strongest case I thought was non-compliance with POPLA as the NtK was sent on day 15 by my calculation and therefore received (given) two working days after. However, the POPLA adjudicator and the complaints team seem to think that being sent within the 14 days is sufficient and will not accept my assertion that according PoFA, it needs to be delivered within that time, rather than just sent. However, the reason that I am asking this forum, is that no one can advise me
  8. Apologies for the long post, however my question is extremely simple. Is POPLA interpreting PoFA correctly - namely the difference between an NtK being sent and given. Both my appeal and complaint have been rejected and they say that they will not respond any further. What should I do? I appealed to POPLA on the various grounds discussed above. My appeal was rejected. The one solid ground that I thought I had was that the Notice to Keeper was not received by me, the Keeper, within the 14day window under PoFA. I only received an NtK by post and there was no windscreen notice. My appea
  9. Scottish Power are a dysfunctional company with complete disregard for good customer service and a cavalier regard for dismissing complaints without investigation. I am disappointed to update our last post and report that we remain without a working boiler after nearly two months of the coldest part of the year. After about nine engineer visits plus four days taken off work when the engineer failed to arrive, I have nearly given up expecting Scottish Power to resolve my breakdown. Indeed, I think that they have given up too now as the most recent promises of 'specialist' engineer vis
  10. I would like to add a brief update to my last posting on the subject of the inefficiency and ineptitude of Scottish Power 'Home Comfort'. Again, I sincerely urge any of you considering signing up to this service because it is cheaper than British Gas, not to do so as it is a false economy. Following my last post on this site, Ms Debbie O’Brien of the Scottish Power Social Media Team contacted me promising that she would escalate my complaint and someone would phone me back. I really felt hopeful that they had 'got the message'. No-one ever did call. We are now three weeks wit
  11. Do not take out boiler cover with Scottish Power We are now eight days without heating or hot water and I am regretting the day that I decided to move from British Gas to Scottish Power for my Central Heating Cover. I would urge all of you that might be thinking of doing this to reconsider. I would take too long to detail everything that has gone wrong, but it falls into categories of: 1) Broken promises of engineer appointments and engineer no-shows 2) The inability to speak to the 'Schedulers', to anyone with the power to take remedial action and repeated broken promises for call-ba
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