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  1. Thanks everyone for all your help. I sent an SB letter from the template here via email to Lowells in PDF format. Just got an email reply now from them saying: Thank you for your email. We have looked into this further for you and have closed the account with us. You should not receive any further correspondence from us asking for payments. I hope this information helps. Kind regards, Jessica Customer Services Lowell Group Success? Should I also contact O2? Should I also send a hard copy? Thanks again for all the advice- really appreciate it.
  2. Hi, I took out a mobile phone contract in March 2007 with O2. They sent me the wrong handset - so I ordered a new phone online with new contract as this would arrive before a replacement handset. I sent the wrong handset back and told them I no longer wanted that particular contract with them, which is fine as they give you a 'grace period' where you can decide to cancel everything. I then continued to use the one phone I had, and the one contract I THOUGHT I had. In Summer 2007, while I was away, debt collectors began harassing my parents and threatening bailiff a
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