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  1. First of all thanks for all your support to this case. At the moment my thoughts are to contact previous company Direct Line and ask them what details are being held about that accident and if they are recorded into CUE database as well. Would that be a good idea? OK, perhaps Admiral didn't check CUE database on the time I was buying new policy with them. Also maybe they didn't check if I had any accidents with Direct Line when Admiral contacted them regarding my No Claim Bonuses. Who knows now how come I was that lucky to get away with that for more that 2 months already. I could pay £10 to check what details are entered about me in CUE database, but that would take up to 40 days, a lot can happen in this time. What if I will get in an accident and I will need to make a claim. If that accident is recorded into CUE database Admiral will not pay me out and cancel my policy. So perhaps I should contact Direct Line and ask them to confirm that that accident is not affecting my current policy and that there are no details about it on the database they are sharing with others, as the member of their staff simply told me "It will look like the accident has never happened"...
  2. Hello everyone, I don't have too much experience with car insurance companies, so not too sure what to do. Maybe someone could give me an advise. OK, so last year my car was insured with Direct Line and once I was involved in car accident which was not my fault. At the beginning I decided to make a claim because the other driver simply didn't stop and carried on driving, so informed about the accident to my insurance company. Apparently the damage to my car was not too bad at all, so phoned to Direct Line and told them that I would like to cancel the claim. I also asked them how this would affect my insurance history, they said that it will not affect it and it will look like nothing has happened. So I accepted that and just forgot about it. Then renewal time came, I went with another company called Admiral. I genuinely forgot to declare about the accident I had last year. Last week we were chatting with friends about various accidents and this came to my mind. It's been over 2 months since I'm insured with Admiral now. So what should I do now? Do I need to tell them about the accident last year? Will they believe me I forgot to mention this to them? Or should I just leave it as it is? My previous Direct Line insurance renewal letter didn't say I had an accident and Admiral has contacted Direct Line to confirm my 6 year No Claim Bonus. A few weeks later after purchasing new insurance with Admiral I called them and asked if my NCB were confirmed and if everything else is OK, they said it's all OK, you don't need to worry about anything. So could someone please advise me on my next steps I should take in order not to screw up my driving history. Thank you
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