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  1. . Just had a response from peachy, these guys are the only ones being complete a@@@@@@s!!
  2. I have only been able to cancel the CPA on 2 of the loans as they have previously been paid from my account. I have to wait until I make an actual payment to the third company before my bank will help me - is this correct?? I have contacted all 3 companies, Cash Genie have been by far the most helpful. Peachy and Swift Sterling I had to email and am still awaiting a reply. Can someone please advise if this is correct about the CPA, my bank dealt with this with no questions but I am still concerned. I have cancelled my card too.
  3. Thank you, feel so stupid going to them. It's been a struggle as my husband has been out of work xx
  4. Can they take the money by other means if I've cancelled the cards then??
  5. That's what I was going to do, I can pay one this week but it's the other 2 I have no means to clear them this side of Xmas. Thanks for your reply xx
  6. Hi, I'm new to this group but really need some help I've fallen trap of the Payday loans and don't know which way to turn! I've taken out 3 in the space of 2 weeks but really can not afford to clear them, my husband knows nothing about them - problem no. 1!!! I'm going to contact each one to offer a repayment plan but judging from your threads this doesn't always work!! If I cancel my card at the bank will they still be able to take money out by other means?? I have every intention of paying them but just got myself in too deep at the moment, rolling the interest over isn'
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