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  1. I have paid the £25 Money Claim Online fee and today requested judgement but Cash4phones have not responded to the Court papers from MCOL, my letter posted registered post or any emails. I agree these thieves are deceiving everyone but not hopeful that they will be stopped or forced to pay
  2. As with nearly every other thread I have read I sent my iPhone 4S to Cash4Phones who had valued at £186.50 this was just a few pounds more than any other recycling site and was £60 more than the Apple Store offered. It took around 2 weeks for Cash4Phones to respond I was unable to contact them without entering the barcode that I had sent with the phone alarm bells started to ring. When C4P did respond they had revised their offer down to £65.27 due to excessive wear and tear and the fact that the phone was locked to o2. Whilst I rejected their offer their SagePay system to pay the £8.95 return fee didn't work. I emailed through their website 6 times and never once received a response. I had taken my iPhone into the Apple Store who had commented that the condition of the phone was good as I had kept in a case with a screen protector and I had posted to C4P in it's original box so damage in transit couldn't have occurred. I have subsequently completed a Money Claim Online (cost of £25) and again C4P haven't responded so today have requested judgement. I would guess that C4P have hundreds of CCJs against them already but can still continue to trade and will get away with not paying any money whatsoever. I don't expect to ever see any money or my phone again and now wish I had donated this to charity rather than the robbers that Cash4Phones are profit. Also strange that my Hotmail account reports the two email communications that I have received from C4P as unsafe and fails security. If anyone has any ideas on any other steps I can take I would appreciate the advice, I would like some recompense although unlikely so my main aim is to take action to have them closed down.
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