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  1. Thank you for the reply. An update on this. I sent a letter to the court explaining everything but I heard nothing back. My mum called the court today and a very helpful lady gave her the name and number of the man who represents the dvla in court. He's out of the office at the moment but I'm just wondering is this a good sign?? I'm going out of my mind with worry and being half the world away, I feel helpless. I am not due back home for another year or so, can they force me to attend this court hearing?? It's a week today but I was hoping it will be sorted before then. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated. Ramah
  2. Hi Basically my car has been sitting in my parents driveway for months. I received a letter with a fine due to it being uninsured, I wasn't aware that it had to be insured if its parked and not in use. Anyway I paid the fine and sent off paperwork to SORN the vehicle. The fine was taken out of my account in early August and I assumed that was the end of the matter. In September I moved abroad and I am not due to go back home until 2015. My mother called me yesterday to say that there's a letter regarding a court requisition for 15/01/14. I am unsure about what do to as I'm not living in the UK currently and the only proof I have of posting the document is the bank statement which shows fine was deducted from my account. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Ramah
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