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  1. Wow, didnt realise there were so many people in the same situation. I'll head over to the other threads to get some more info. Thanks again!
  2. Ok, thanks for the replies. I've been ignoring them so far but they dont let up so I'll send them a reply telling them this information and hopefully they back off.
  3. Hello, I recently signed up to Legalcares 14 day free trial and thought it was ok to cancel through paypal like many people did. After the 14 days they sent me an email saying i hadnt cancelled and I now have a 12 month subscription with them. I replied to that email saying I did not want their service and to cancel the account immediately, however they said it was too late and began demanding the full 12 months payment in one transaction. They say I clicked the terms and conditions in which the proper method of cancellation is stated and they can clai
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