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  1. Ok Thanks for the advice. I will try that.
  2. I still have the box.Would the emi number be in there? Provider was 02 but contact had finished, should I still report it?
  3. 13 th September I sent my phone by recorded delivery. They received on 17 th Sept 13. I issued a claim 23rd Oct and entered a judgement on 14 th Nov. Heard nothing so I guess I will have to give up. They win!
  4. Would I need to start a new claim with it being a new name? And can i make a claim against a company name that I haven't had anydealings with. I sent my phone early Sept and started proceedings in November.more annoyed at myself for getting scammed!! Also my phone wad immaculate and probably sold on for £200.
  5. Hi I'm after some advice please. usual Story never received a payment from cash4phones. Did a money claim online and have since enforced a judgement. No response or payment but to issue a warrant is another £100! I have since found out I should have made the claim against C4P trading Ltd. Is there any point in me pursuing this any future and does anyone know if I can change the name to C4p Ltd or is it too late?
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