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  1. Me. I pay my council tax. I pay my income tax. I pay my road tax. I pay all otherl taxes imposed upon me and I value the way our system works where others refute it. Paying fines on the road won't go towards healthcare costs in the NHS. We pay for them through other channels.
  2. Do you honestly think that for someone to not wear their seatbelt, charging them £100 is justifiable? If I went on a 'course', why do you feel that the cost should be similar? What possible cost could there actually be to run a safety awareness course? 10 people attend a 3 hour SAC and pay £100 each ... £1000 for a 3 hour course? There are many ways for the police and government to enforce the law, make a point and change someones thinking about a situation. The fines are just a way of grasping even more money out of our hands. Like I said earlier, I'm not here to discuss what is just and what is unjust - there is clearly going to be a division of opinion over matters like these and I respect them all, I just don't agree with them all.
  3. What is the purpose of your post? My point is that having to attend a road safety course pertains to the offence. It is relevant. Having to pay an amount of money, £60, £100, £500 ... whatever amount, has no relevance at all to any offence unless damages or some other cost-related incident occurs. The fine is unjust. That is my quarrel. If you don't have anything relevant to say yourself, don't say it.
  4. It works because people like you agree to it. Everything we do these days comes with a government imposed cost. We are taxed on our every move. What will the government do with my £100? Use it to pay our MP's 10% payrise? Where does all the money obtained from these levys and charges go? It is completely immoral. The crime does not warrant the penalty. Its as simple as that. Getting back to my original query ... I have read that if a fixed penalty notice issued by the council has an error on it it can be cancelled or deemed void. Does anyone know if this applies to all FPN? Again ... I know I should have had my seatbelt on, we are not disputing that here. My question is if a wrong / no amount is stated on my PCN, am I legally bound to pay only what is stated on the notice?
  5. I acknowledge this and agree. But a £100 penalty? Why take money? Why not points on my licence or attend a roaf safety course, both of which would be a suitable deterrent. It's a disgrace. Thanks everyone who has taken the time to reply.
  6. Hi all, I'm new to this forum, I joined specifically just to have this query answered, so any advice is much appreciated. I was pulled over tonight driving from my in-laws to my home,a very short trip, with no seatbelt on. Yes, I should have been wearing it regardless of the speed I was going or the distance I was travelling but I just simply didn't put it on. The policeman said that he was giving me a fixed penalty notice of £100. £100 a couple of weeks before Christmas that I cannot - in any way, shape or form - pay in one go. I was told that I cannot pay in instalments, and that if I don't pay within 28 days it will be passed on to the court. I hold my hands up and acknowledge that I should have had my seatbelt on, but really ... really ... £100? ... what purpose does me paying £100 serve? it is ridiculous. Surely the government cannot justify the amount they charge people by saying it serves as a deterrent for future traffic offences. Put me on a 3 hour driving awareness course and make me pay for the tuition costs i receive - that is more than a suitable and effective deterrent. Taking £100 off people is robbery. I've just had to pay £20 to update my photocard driving license, when changing things like name and address on your license are free .. . how is updating a photo a worthy of a £20 fee when updating the text on the document free? the officer SAID he was giving me a £100 penalty notice, but has actually written no amount on the FPN itself. I have essesntially signed to say that I will pay (blank) within 28 days or they will increase the charge by 50% and pass it over to the court. Seeing as though I've signed the notice, the policeman has written the notice, but there is no amount stated on the notice, is there any way that this could serve as a request to pay zero? Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this.
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