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  1. Oh, and I forgot to mention that I cancelled my membership on 30/11/13
  2. Hiya thanks for your reply, here are the dates: The letter saying I have cancelled my DD is dated 16th October 2013 The confimation from the bank that they are still live and that I have sufficient credit was 28th October 2013 My letter from ARC was dated 6th November 2013 And the email declaring the AM was 'God' (HAHA) was recieved on 4th December 2013 I havent heard anything since of either ARC or DW. Thankyou (again) and apologies for my late reply (again).
  3. Hi Slick Sorry for my late reply, it's been a hectic few days. You are correct in thinking I no longer want to be a member of the gym. I handed my 'notice' in on 30/11/13. Help with a letter would be hugely appreciated as I'm new to this type of thing and relatively naive and would hate to put in a simple phrase or comment which makes this even worse. Thankyou again, hope all you guys know how much I appreciate this.
  4. Hi renegadeimp, thanks for your advice and help, much appreciated. I only contacted ARC (the debt colletion agency) because the gym are refusing to help me or tell me how much I owe. ARC seem to be the only ones who will help me (or said they would, but I am yet to get any info back. I'm just concerned that this is going to escallate into something it really shouldnt be. I'm wanting to buy a house soon and have tried so hard to build up my credit rating and this could set me back. Thanks again.
  5. Hi everyone, this is my first post on a forum so please be gentle if I make any mistakes regarding forum etiquette. I am at a loss as to where to turn to next so I am hoping that you guys will be able to help me (thanks to everyone in advance by the way). I have been a member of DW gym in Oldham for a while and out of the blue I received a letter saying I have cancelled my Direct Debit (DD) which I haven’t. I popped into the gym and they confirmed that they have tried to take money from my account on ‘several occasions’ but they have been rejected. Panicking that all my money had disappeared I went to the bank who told me that my DD is still live and I have plenty of credit. They also confirmed that the gym have not been making requests for the money and if they did receive a request from the gym they would have paid it. I returned to the gym with the evidence (statements and a list of my DD that are live) and the finance manager told me I would have to wait to hear from the Area Manager (AM) and in the mean time I would not be allowed to use the gym. The phone call never came so I kept chasing them and was told the AM was off ill. After about three weeks I received a letter from a debt collectors saying I am now classed as a ‘bad debt’ and will have to deal with them and pay their charges. I phoned the debt collectors and told them I am dealing with they gym and explained about the AM being absent but am waiting for a response from him. After lots of chasing and not hearing anything for ages and emailing them through the website I phoned up head office and was given an email address straight to customer service. I started emailing this and eventually got an unpleasant phone call off the AM who didn’t help at all only told me that until I pay the money I owe I am not allowed to use the gym . The problem is, that no one has told me how much I owe the gym and I have since emailed them to ask if they can just tell me how much I owe, this was the response: After speaking with the area manager he said he feels he made himself very clear at the time you spoke to him with regards what and why you owe DW sports. Unfortunately at customer services we do not have the authorisation to overrule the area managers decision and you have spoken to the highest point of contact. We now consider this matter closed. Kind Regards, I now have the debt collection agency trying to find out how much I owe the gym as they appear to not be sure either. I’m stuck racking up debt for no other reason that they refuse to tell me how much I owe, Im petrified that this will go against my credit rating even though ive done nothing but try and pay and have had enough funds in my account, the problem is that the gym decided to stop taking payment for some reason and finally, will I have to pay for the time I have been denied access from the gym while they have refused to help me? I’m perfectly happy to pay the money I owe them, it’s a service which I have used and until this, been happy with. But I really don’t feel that I should be forced to pay for the time I have not been allowed to the gym for no other reason than their failings with finance and customer service. I have never had to try so hard to pay someone! Sorry I've had a bit of a rant but I just have no idea what to do.
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