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  1. Agree with fletch70 and renegadeimp. Make sure you have all the conditions right. And to all of us here, I am not saying there are some trolls here but be mindful of the fact that the toothfairy / dhr / taylor / gullestrup or anyone else connected also have access to cag. So any advice like richard123 (with a timeline that makes no sense) or johninyork that favors loose conditions or defending these guys have to be carefully assessed. Especially when the posters are new to cag.
  2. Agree with that! Recently a few guys just pop up like this richardc123, brand new, never posted before, and suggest stupid things in favor of dhr. We have to be very minfdful that the dhr people or jordan taylor and Tanja Gullestrup have access to this forum just like us. If dhr makes a good offer, it should be taken but make sure the conditions are right.
  3. Richard, I agree with fletch70. Your timing doesn't make sense. I don't know who you are but you're new. I also suspect your motives. You are encouraging us to deal with dhr on no basis and no written agreement and give them our account details. That's mad mate.
  4. sorry, i meant that if they are connected to webloans, the 25000 they paid means nothing. To be honest it does sound like a ridiculously small amount anyway and is another argument in my mind to find out who dhr is. we could have all joined up and paid this amount and cancelled our loans cheaply!!! 25000 just doesn't sound right
  5. There are two issues here: who they are and what they offered Craig. Their offer looks good and he should take it if he can get it in writing, it doesn't matter who owns dhr and wlp for the settlement. Who they are is of interest to me because I just can't let evil get away with it. If you can only go by what you read in the media, then good luck because you'll often be misguided. I go by what I know and if I don't know and truly care, I'll find!
  6. You are correct, I do not have a proof and never claimed to have one. Either you are like me or you are not: if I take a loan from this company which led to such pain and stress for my family, only to realize that webloans is probably just moving on under a disguise, then I want to know and I want to expose them to oft. This is what I am trying to get us all! I did manage to find a former employee who was there until late last year. This person told me a lot of things that could not be invented. I believe it. Among the things said are: wlp did have their FULL TIME offices there, Per Gullestrup and his daughter were the people in charge with Jordan Taylor, the person believes that DHR is still in the same building. The person said many other things that I am trying to connect but sound very hard to proof so I shut up. I thought that anything related to physical presence of dhr or any of these individuals at this place would help and could be verified with a little bit of effort. I can go visit greycoat place on weekends but that won't help
  7. I investigate them as much as I can because I don't want them to get away with it. If you look the way I did, you will find an ex-employee like I did! Wlp had their main office and full time workers based at 10 greycoat place. It wasn't simply when needed, they were full time there. Jordan Taylor, Per Gullestrup and Tanja Gullestrup ran wlp according to this person. And also according to this person who does not work for dhr, wlp employees transferred to dhr and are still based at the same address. This could be complete lie but it is really worth checking if we can work together. So in short, 10 greycoat place was their operations place and it looks like they could still be there.
  8. renegadeimp, you are simply wrong. They do have this service but they also rent spaces full time. I had confirmation that wlp was operating full time from there. So if someone can spend a little time checking the offices out for dhr or jordan taylor or per gullestrup or tanja gullestrup it woudl be fantastic.
  9. They did not pay a pitance!!! They are most likely the same people behind toothfairy who just moved around because their scapegoats like larholt coul not be used anymore. We have strong suspicions that they could be related to Tanja and Per Gullestrup but we need to prove it
  10. I think the fca is coming soon. It'd be nice to have the file ready for them. I hope one of us can check this 10 greycoat place out
  11. It does sound good though. Try to contact them and ask for something in writing. You are the second person saying this. I am starting to be optimistic
  12. SillyGirl, I spoke to someone who used to work for webloans in this greycoat place office. It was their office for sure. And the person is sure DHR is still operating from there. Can you walk in and ask the front desk for DHR office? Maybe they rent under a different name. Ideally having proof of jordan taylor or tanja or per gullestrup walking in or out would be better. If this is all real, I really wonder why the oft is not checking this dhr company
  13. It was not a mail drop address for webloans. They had their office there. I am convinced of that now! I don't want to give more details because it would stop me from being able to get more info in the future. What I am trying to confirm is that dhr is still operating from there. And that Jordan Taylor or Per Gullestrup or Tanja Gullestrup show up in these offices. It may not be true, but it's worth checking out. Who cares about chapple and larholt, they were exited a very long time ago. In 2012. Just try to speak to people who used to work for the company, I managed to do it!!! I spoke to their debt assistant a while ago and now recently with someone who used to work in their greycoat place office. The person totally confirmed the involvement of Per Gullestrup as well. It may not be true, but it sounded real. Let's all get together and stop these people from hiding and expose them for just moving things around and pretending to us that they are not the same anymore
  14. I was told this is where their offices are in reality, where they work from. Could be wrong, but if someone is near, it is worth the trip! Checking the entrance of a building over the internet is not giving us an answer...
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