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  1. I used to be on the dole but on my visit a few months ago to the dentist, I told the receptionist that was working there I was no longer on benefits and could she update the system to show this...she also gave me a blue paper to sign which I did (I assumed this was normal procedure) after I had told her to update the system to show I was not on the dole anymore. Last week I got a NHS DENTAL PENALTY CHARGES NOTICE for £150.00! I was gobsmacked because I remember telling the receptionist to update the system to show I was not on the dole, so this would not happen. Luckily I had another dental appointment this week and explained to a receptonist the above, she said she could not understand why the receptonist months ago on my last visit had not updated the system and told me to email the practice manager who would investigate this and also locate the blue slip I was asked to sign (after telling the receptionist on my visit a few months earlier I was no longer on the dole) I emailed the practice manager explaining I had told the receptionist on my last visit I was no longer on the dole and to update the system to show this. This is the email I received in response from the practice manager ' Thank-you for your recent email, in which you state that you were not in receipt of any benefits on (date), as you has NHS treatment there is a set NHS fee to pay. The charge is levied irrespective of any misunderstanding or error on either part(patient or receptionist) as at the end of the day there appears to be no confusion as to whether you were in receipt of any benefit. It is incumbent on the patient to pay any fees due just as you would pay at a supermarket check-out, where you are in receipt of goods or services. May I also point out that the form you signed is a statutory legal obligation which must be disclosed by us the the NHS upon request. There is currently a no if’s no butt’s campaign by the NHS to recover lost fees and we would ask you to bear this in mind when receiving treatment from ' The error is clearly on the receptionist at the time who failed to update the system to show I was no longer on the dole, if the system had been updated when I had told them this would not have happened, the practice manager is fobbing me off, what can i do ?
  2. my email does not have any facility to know if the email has been delivered or read by the receiver, so i think its best for me to write a letter, what kind of things do i need to include and do i mention i had to take 1/2 off work to go to the bank and lost 1/2 wages? and how long do i give them to respond to the letter, last question what address do i post it to?
  3. BankFodder, thanks for the advice, can you help me structure a letter of complaint, Ive never written one before and do i make any mention of compensation?
  4. I gave the bank details to set up the direct debit over the phone so thats done, but i want justice for the hurt and stress my eldery mum has because of this 'generic default letter' they sent even before the policy has even started and even before any payment even started whats the cancellation time to cancel after they take direct debits? is it 14 days? is there any insurance companies that offers cheap insurance for pensioners i can ring for my mum?
  5. hi BankFodder, my mums old and a pensioner and you wont believe how much stressed this has caused her especially the 'automated generic default' letter that the customer advisor claims is sent out as normal procedure and he said 'there is nothing to worry about it just a generic automated default' letter that gets sent out if you miss a payment....' I mean the new policy starts in 2 weeks, they send a letter inc a default letter even before the policy has started saying they dont have the bank details on their system, how can this be when my has used them for last years insurance. ..they messed up because the bank details are the same all they needed to do is go and use the same bank details or send a letter requesting new bank details but not by sending a letter saying you MUST pay within so many days the default of £40, if not you must pay the full amount of £250 My mums been crying and upset. ..I want to help her get justice, I need your help in getting a letter done because ive never had to write a letter of complaint before and don't know how to structure it, please can you help
  6. I made a cash giro payment on the pre-printed T-Mobile EE payment slip at the bank in Oct, then in Nov I received a letter from T-Mobile stating my account was in areas by 2 weeks and it would be suspended if payment was not made. I got onto the phone and spoke to a 'customer advisor' in India who did not help me at all.. .he kept saying 'we have no payment I can't help you' I asked to speak to a manager, I was told 'all the managers are in a meeting' - so I said thats fine I'll wait, the advisor said 'i'll get a manager to ring you'...i said 'no i'll wait'... eventually a manager picked up and I said 'your customer advisor said you were in a meeting.... '...the manager said 'no i was not i was listening to a call elswhere...' I explained I made payment at the bank in Oct, the manager said the 'missing payments' section deals with this and he has no phone number for them. ..he tried to make out I made a mistake filling in the wrong details on the payment. I said 'how is this even possible when the slip is pre-printed with all the details, so I can't have made a mistake!' I was asked to email a copy of the bank giro to the 'missing payments' section, which I did. The 'missing payments' section sent me an email the next day.. .saying they had sent it across to the bank as part of their investigation and T Mobile would investigate and get back to me by 48hrs. ..I waited a few days and rang T-Mobile again it went through to a call centre in India. ..the advisor kept on saying 'sorry we have no payment, you must go to your bank and investigate it, t-mobile has done everything on its part....etc' I said 'tmobile is responsible for investigating whats happened to my payment I made over 4 weeks ago, its not my job to take time off work to go to my bank in person and ask them, its YOUR job not mine' - The manager just laughed in my face and said 'its YOUR job to go to YOUR bank because YOU made the payment, Tmobile has sent the investigation to tmobile NOW its YOUR job NOT ours...etc' I asked to speak to a manager.. ..he was just as worse so I said I would make an official complaint against him for being outright rude towards me and the phone call was being recorded on their systems. ..I told him to end the call and he then goes 'YOU have to ended the call. ..we cant do that....etc'...so I said 'ok I'll just wait even if it takes 1hr for you to end the call.. .you work in a call centre and your telling me you don't have the option to end the call from your side?!?' - eventually he ended the call I spoke again to a different advisor explained the situtaion she said she was 'shocked' I made payment over 4 weeks ago and tmobile have not investigated or found where the payment is, then she started to blame me for the error I have an email from tmobile saying the investigation would take 48rs, its been more than 2 weeks so far, so tmobile have broken the promise in the email (can i use this to take to the financial ombusman) Ive spent close to 3-4 hours on the phone to tmobile....but they don't help at all on the phone or even by email. I've rang the bank they took some details the bank has confirmation the payment has been made. So I had to take 1/2 a day off work (loss of pay) plus car parking in town to go to the bank arrange to see the manager and get the proof payment has been made, which I now have in my possession. I have emailed this to tmobile and they are not responding back to my emails. I asked tmobile if it would effect my credit - they said no (but i don't believe a word they tell me) The bank said if tmobile had put a note on my file that has effected my credit rating, the bank would give me evidence to say payment has been made, which I could then ask tmobile to remove the not from my credit file. Ive paid off all the outstanding balance on the account and I want tmobile to admit they messed up and say sorry for the hurt distress they have caused me and for me having spent hours on the phone and on email only for nothing in return - no help at all. I'm worried tmobile would put a note on my file which would effect me credit rating for things like credit for good or morgtage in future. I want to take this all the way...they are also not replying to my emails and sending me in circles when I speak on the phone with them, they have failed to 'reply within 48hrs' as stated on the email to me - broken their own policy and guideline.....etc Who do I complain to in person at tmobile at what address and what do I put in the letter? I want compensation for tmobile messing up with processing the payment the bank sent them and for blaming me and the bank, then for me spending hours on the phone and on email, plus loss of wages for taking 1/2 off work and for car parking, then I want them to admit they messed up and to credit my account with the original payment made over 6 weeks ago and a letter of apology, please can the experienced posters on here, please help me and i'm sure my case will help others as well and be a point of reference for others, thanks
  7. My mother is a pensioner her last years insurance direct debits for her house insurance were taken out of her bank account by a company called mypremiumcredit Her renewal came through 2 weeks ago and last week my mum received a letter from mypremiumcredit stating the company dont have her bank details on file in order to commence the direct debits for the new insurance cover (when she had cover the previous year with them already!) and if my mum does not pay within 2 weeks she will have to cough up the full amount which is almost £250 in one go!. They have also sent my mum a default letter - my mum is stressed out by the default when it is not even her own fault - she's never missed a direct debit with this company I rang the mypremiumcredit asking them why have they sent a default letter, the advisor said it their fault for not having my mums bank details on file, i replied the bank details have never changed, so why the default letter, the advisor said the default letter is a 'generic' letter thats sent out and it wont effect my mums credit rating - my mum is stressed out and worried - that the company even before her new renewal commences which is next week has alread received a default letter! What action can my mum take, where does she stand and can this complaint be pushed all the way to the Financial Ombusman?
  8. The house is on rent.. I moved out and back to my parents due to the NFH. I can never go back there again . I simply do not feel safe living in what is supposed to be my own home! SOCO did not come and the police did not take finger prints because they are scared of the NFH. It really is that bad. The tree surgeon has said the tree belongs to the LL of the NFH...insurance has taken it away. Fencing I have to do myself asap! - shall I repair it and send the LL the bill?
  9. When I bough the house there was no fencing and I had the NFH walking at all hours of the day into my back garden in and out all day long...smoking and drinking. So I paid to have the entire garden fenced off cost me over £1200. Once it was fenced they smashed down 1 fence so they could come into my garden as and when they wanted, i repaired it. They broke my window, threw dirty nappies into my back garden....etc and to this day they are still throwing litter. I had my house broken into they stole the boiler (it was only then that could enter my back by climing the fence) they would not enter the garden from the front side as there are houses facing me. The problem is the back garden - there is a field behind my house all criminals use that to walk into the NFH garden. PCSO's have done nothing to help
  10. The tresspassing has been going on ever since I bough the house which has been 5 years now...I had all the fencing done to keep the NFH out the rear garden. So they simply walked through my front garden and into the back garden! They broke the window at the rear of the house, then they broke in from the rear and stole the boiler for scarp metal. I know its them and only them. They do it around the rear of the house as nobody else can see. In over 5 years the police have not taken any action to get the NFH removed - the police acknowledge the NFH have a history of criminal activities - so why not have them removed? The PCSO's never go around to the NFH due to fear, it is their job to deal with it but they are too scared. The NFH have a few other houses in the area and rough as hell.
  11. I have found out who the landlord is, he will be getting the invoice for the costs to repair the fence. NFH inc the guys that visit NFH use this walkway which provides an easy escape route for them to disappear into the field or inside the NFH house after they do criminal acivity against my property. It leads to the back garden of the NFH! NFH have been tresspassing into my garden, throwing dirty nappies, breaking into my home when i was on holiday etc for over 5 years inc throwing beer cans into my garden. They are all on the dole why they do this I have no idea
  12. Well the fence needs to be fixed asap to stop the NFH coming into the garden...I can then once the fence is fixed bill the LL.
  13. The children are of different ages some less than 10 some older, the police are scared of the NFH and don't do anything
  14. I doubt a hedge would stop these NFH they took down palisade fencing that someone in the area had
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