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  1. I think this is probably a general question but in my case it applies some very expensive private dentistry work I had done. The treatment finished in April 2016 and is covered by a 12 month "aftercare" or guarantee. Since then I have had to go back to the dentist to re-insert a loose crown and bridgework which he fitted. This was done free of charge. The twelve month period is coming to an end and again I have problems with the same two teeth - a crown fallen off and a loose bridge. Unfortunately the company I used (a larger cosmetic surgery company) no longer offers dentistry and ha
  2. Thank you. I really appreciate that. I've had a couple of encounters with supposed Ombudsmen lately and they do seem pretty useless as they don't apparently read what is put in front of them! I'm quite determined about this as I feel I paid for what I received and they haven't lost a penny. I think I would be happy to defend this further if necessary.
  3. Can someone please give me some advice on what to do next? I parked in a Parking Eye carpark and paid the appropriate fee. I left before my time was up. I then received a fine and it appears I only entered half my car number rather than the full one. It's a small carpark so it's perfectly obvious that no one else parked there with that combination of letters at those exact times. I've since checked and there IS a sign (set very high above normal eye level when using the machine) saying that I should enter the full number, but it's not a carpark I've used before so I didn't notice.
  4. On 5th June I was in Leeds, my first visit. Due to a big accident on the M1 I was over two hours late for an appointment and arrived in the midst of rush hour. I followed my satnav to arrive at the address I needed and apparently, although I have no recollection of this, drove in a bus lane. It must have been for a very short distance and probably in a line of other traffic as I do not recall ANY signs. On receiving the notice I wrote explaining the situation and asked them to confirm that both the notice and the road markings fully comply with regulations. I was apparently in Boar Lane
  5. Here's an update. I spoke to York Hospital (the ultimate landowners) and emailed them a separate appeal against the fine. They have since agreed to have this ticket cancelled. They were extremely helpful and pleasant. Just for anyone else going through the same thing, they said that had I already submittd the POPLA form before contacting them they would have had to let that process go ahead, they were only able to cancel as I had not sent the form in.
  6. Thank you for that. I didn't contact the hospital but I will do that tomorrow. One of the replies above suggests there is a particular wording for the POPLA form. Could anyone tell me what this is please?
  7. Further to the advice given above, I today received an email with photos and a request to know who was driving the car. Nothing has been received in the mail yet. My husband was the registered keeper although I was driving that day. He has since died. They have attached the POPLA form to their email. Please could someone let me know how to proceed? Thanks
  8. Thank you for your help with this. I've done as you suggested and sent in an appeal, just stating the bare facts. I'll report back when I receive a reply.
  9. I've read through the various posts and wonder if I could just ask for some reassurance on a point. My husband is in the ICU at Scarborough General. He is the RK of our car but has been on life support since Sunday so obviously not the driver at the moment. I have been given a parking pass for the horrendously overcrowded carpark and struggle to find a space every day, sometimes spending 30 minutes just riding around. Yesterday, in desperation I parked on a grass verge, along with other vehicles. On returning to move the car a couple of hours later I had a ticket from TPS. I know you have
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