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  1. I have been called already a second time about a week ago and spoke to a duty solicitor who did not provide much help, now I just need to wait for the police decision. Back to RLP, I have now replied to them with the one liner advised and nothing more. Could they ban me from any other store just on the basis of the TKM allegation? The CAB guy told me they have damaged more lives than the actual criminal court as they can ban you from almost everywhere...do I live in fear of never to be able to go out, will I be "recognised" in every shop in town...paranoia is settling in Would there be any possibility that the police (or the court if it ends up there) contact my employer and let them know about all this, I have worked for the same employer for many many years. Thanks again
  2. Thank you maxxer for your insight To answer your questions, all the items were legitimately bought from tkm over several weeks, I was buying several items at each visit then return the unwanted ones always well within the return period. All the purchases but one were made at my local store. I always gave my correct details and always paid with same credit card registered to me. The tags were removed by me (I never denied this point) then on some occasion changed my mind and reattached the tags to the items and then return them. What must have happened (I agree it sounds dodgy and it may be difficult to prove otherwise) that on some of these occasions I might have used the incorrect tag against the item and therefore receipt. There is CCTV footage showing the purchase of item a and the return against that receipt of item b, but I have not been shown or aware they have CCTV footage of the rightful purchase of item b. As to prepare myself for a potential court case and create a chronology, I would need all the receipts (some of those which we're out of the return period I have thrown away, the rest were seized by the police) but despite my several request I still have not received a list of the seized items and receipts, therefore I'm unable just based on card statements to remember what I have bought and when...bear in mind I have just had a baby and have had some stressful time, I don't often have a good memory due to this (any new mum could relate to this but I doubt it would stand in court) and it would probably be difficult for me to remember all the items I bought and all of those returned, their price and the dates. Thanks again
  3. I wonder if the solicitor was referring to a criminal court fees, he mentioned £600. That without counting the costs of a lawyer. I have read a lot of other posts here about tkmaxx and price tags swap. If it goes to a criminal court I may not have many legs to stand on as I will struggle to prove it was a non intentional mistake as it happened too many times plus the CCTV footage. I will keep you posted on updates and thanks for taking the time on yet another tkmaxx and rlp case.
  4. Thank you andydd, I must admit the various answers I received by cab and solicitors on how to reply or react are at such polar opposites it made me wonder and decided to come here for some light! The solicitor said if it went to court I would have to pay court fees plus any loss incurred so I was better off trying to negotiate with rlp a partial payment. So basically to balance out my options and the part pmt would be cheaper and would get them off my back! So far I only received the preliminary standard letter from them with my so cited "options", should I receive a reply after my denial of liability as per previous post I will upload it here (must learn how to with an iPad first). In any case I will not pay rlp anything.
  5. Thank you silverfox1961, I will reply to the letter with simple denial offering no more details... By the way they totally misspelled my name and surname, not sure if this would be a problem. And I will wait for the police decision. Hopefully it will come soon one way or another as I hate living in limbo!
  6. Hello, i am totally new to CAG and need advise. I am currently Nader police investigation for alleged piece swap where tkmaxx has CCTV passed to the police showing I bought items and returned other items under same receipts. I recently had a baby and as soon as I could get out of the house I went on a MAD shopping spree period over a couple of months where I was buying on credit card loads of items then return majority of them. On some occasion I would take the price tag off and then return the items within the allowed time having changed my mind. If some price tags were changed it was done completely innocently with no intention of wrongdoing or causing the shop a loss. One day I was at home alone with mu baby and the police came to search the house, they asked for Ll items I had purchased at tkmaxx recently and they seized them together with credit card statements and purchase receipts found. Same day I was interviewed on tape by police where I was finally told what the allegations were, I denied any wrongdoing and told them that any wrong price tag swap was due to the large amount of items bought and not remembering which one went where. They had a list of about 10/12 items for which tags may have been swapped at a loss for tkmaxx of approx £260, some of which tkmaxx are saying they were either not purchased from them or they are not fit for resale. About a month or so later I was called at the police station again for another interview when they showed me the CCTV and told me they could not understand how someone could make such mistake so many times! I continue saying I did to do any intentional wrongdoing and that the stress of having a baby, tiredness and being disorganised had caused this possible mistake. On both occasion the police told me to wait to hear more about their decision (I was told it could go to court). The items credit card and receipts seized are still in their possession. In the meantime while I'm still waiting for a deliberation by the police, I have receive a letter from RLP banning me from tkmaxx for like and asking compensation of £487. I have lost a lot of sleep over this and I'm starting to become ill with worry, I went to the CAB yesterday and told me to reply denying liabilities to the claim and seek legal advise. I have since spoken to a solicitor who told me to reply to RLP making an offer of part payment as they/tkmaxx could take me to civil court as there is also the possibility I can be taken to criminal court by the police due to the number of items... Over a week has passed for the date on the RLP letter and I still don't know what to do, threads I read seem to suggest to ignore them but my husband is scared they would pass this to the bailiffs. I am on maternity leave at present and instead of enjoying my time with my baby I cannot focus thinking of what could happen to me. I have never been involved with the police, my credit score is immaculate and have no debts. Can RLP access my salary and bank details to see if I can pay them, can they tell my employer to sack me? I have a very good job and cannot afford to loose it when I return from leave. Thanks so much to any advise you can give me, I'm totally confused with all different angles I have been given/reading.
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