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  1. Sorry I don't know how to do that on my phone, but it says "please also note that our client wishes to use civil recovery as a deterrent against further incidents and therefore reserves it's rights to pursue this matter"
  2. [ATTACH=CONFIG]48075[/ATTACH] I'm confused does this mean I'll still have scotcall on my back
  3. Thank you guys for help. I got a letter today from RLP saying they will leave me alone until in 18 as they can't do anything to me as I'm underage
  4. I'm really worried about them coming as my mum doesn't know the whole story. If they were to send someone when do think that would be (after 2weeks of no reply). I live in London do you think they'll come all the way here
  5. Thank you for your help. My heart is now beating at its normal speed
  6. Unfortunately in the summer I lost a close family member to cancer. This lead me to doing stupid things which one of them was stealing from Primark. I stole a shirt for £15 and when I was about to leave the store I was stopped by 5 security guards and was taken into questioning. I immediately broke down and admitted to what i did. Lucky they didn't call the police as I have no criminal record; they however did take down address and told me I would receive a letter from RLP. I've so far received 3 letter demanding £137.50 and I've ignored all of them. Today I received a text from Scotcall saying " this is an important message from Scotcall regarding your account. Please call us to discuss this further" I've read other forums which have said they sometimes turn up at you doorstep, is there anyway I could avoid this? Btw I'm 16years old doing my A levels and this is affecting my work as I've been having panic attacks.
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