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  1. Sorry got to this late and so missed Radio on iplayer. Are they saying they will definitely uphold claims. Also have other people definitely been successful due to incorrect signage, as you are the only person as far as I am aware. I want to appeal just a bit concerned that £30 couod turn into £120!
  2. Brilliant, lots to use here, thanks. Just one rather delicate question and excuse me for asking but do you think / know if the fact that you have a blue badge had influence on appeal result?
  3. Thanks, I am more and more minded to appeal now. Ckeeky I know but any chance you can share any fromof words that you may have used in your successful appeal; otherwise I am going pretty much with what you have already told me and thanks again. Will probably also print photos; if that's possible from Facebook?
  4. I started at Monkbar Hotel then into Gillygate (A1036), continuing onto Museum Street. Now looking at map on Google I recall shortly after passing the Railway Station. So I assume from the North. Thank you.
  5. Don't know direction of travel as a stranger to York. Am not on Facebook so trying to use wife's page but can't seem to work it out. Searched Lendal Bridge and found some photos but nowhere to write my question. Help if you would be so kind.
  6. Just received my FPN for driving in bus lane on 27 November. Have signed epetition but long way to go on that yet. I live in Worcester and rarely drive in York. I have to say the road signage for any directions are not clear in the City so I was using my sat nav and it did not indicate I should not travel on this road. I can't tell from photos nor video exactly where my car is at time of taking but have to assume it is on approach or on bridge. I am considering an appeal but before I do can anyone tell me if signage has been altered and if so when. Not much point me appealing if I drove past g
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