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  1. Noone has posted on thuis thread for a few years is it still the case where companies are not allowed to over charge for non-payment by direct debit? Vodafone charge me about £3 a month for not paying my direct debit, i think it's pretty unreasonable but they think otherwise. Tried to download the letter someone posted up but the link has now gone dead
  2. Hi yes they do still have my current address and I am still receiving all correspondence. I may have not made myself completely clear in terms of timescales with regard to the contract. I took out the membership in October 2013, and initially requested to leave the contract early in March 2013. My second request went in in April which was when i was told i could leave with a further 3 months notice. I then paid April, May & June and cancelled my direct debit. But technically my contract still had 3 months, obviously an early termination was agreed. Do you think I should write to them in the same manner, but obviously just mention the time frames I have just told you? many thanks
  3. thanks for your prompt reply, much appreciated Yes, having looked at the bottom of the letters I can see it says they are a 'trading title of Harlands Services LTD' I had seen the sticky at the top of the forum about the Gym's being forced to end 'unfair' exit clauses.. I gathered i would be ok as long as I had proof of when i contacted them to cancel the contract So would you recommend just ignoring for the time being I will report back should I receive any more 'legal threatening' letters it is very strange that they have my number and constantly text me, yet have never picked up the phone and called... many thanks for your advice
  4. I have been using this site for a while for information and advice given to others and have found it very valuable, so first of all well done to all involved helping consumers. thought i would post my issue as seems i need some specific advice on what to do at the moment... I moved down to London last year and signed up for a gym membership on a corporate rate through my work. I didn't actually involve my work, but when i went down to discuss the membership i mentioned i worked for the company i did and negotiated a deal with them. when negotiating i specifically asked (because my work contract was only 10 months and wasn't sure how long i may stay in london) if i move house or leave my current employment am i able to cancel early, i was told most definitely that wouldn't be a problem. and that was it.... the contract i was on in their T&Cs meant my monthly fee dropped from £100 to £75 a month. low and behold in the summer i decided to leave as my employment had finished and although i would be staying in london, i had found a closer gym to me, but i had left my job and was freelancing or as far as the gym were concerned 'unemployed' i called up to cancel and was told that, if i was to cancel early, i would have to give 3 months notice, but also my membership would have to be upgraded back to a full membership and pay the back dated £25 for the months i had had it discounted, as well as 3 further months at £100, as you can imagine i kicked off with them big time. The gym advisor had not detailed any of these charges when i confronted him about the process of cancelling early, and i said this basically amounts to mis-selling a contract or product which of course is illegal(it?). I played hardball and told them i had sought legal advice from my solicitor (which i hadn't) and that was told to demand them to release me from my contract i told them the advisor that had mis-sold me the contract had intentionally done this to get my to sign up. i was told as a 'gesture of goodwill (ha!)' they would 'waive' the back dated payments and i could cancel for the remaining £100 each month. i told them this was not acceptable, i said i wanted to be released from the contract and that i would serve a months notice as a fair compromise. i didn't hear anything back. so as a compromise i decided to just pay the remaining 3 months and then cancelled my standing order with them. shortly after the standing order had ceased, i received letters telling them that i had missed payments and still had a contract with them, they basically ignored my letters and continued to try and take the payments as normal. i sent them another email saying that back in march we had had the discussion to cancel, you had told me it was 3 months. i paid april may and june's payments and now i consider myself no longer a member. please cancel down my membership. i didn't receive a reply. i called and the account managers' argument was that i hadn't paid the full membership 3 months notice, i had only paid the £75 a month. so therefore i still owe £75. On the phone she had confirmed that £75 would cancel down the account... i wish i had got this in writing!! hindsight... FYI the advisor that sold me the contract has ceased working with them. either he left or more likely he was let go for using this technique (probably more than once?) i received standard letters with requests to pay from the gym and then finally good old CRS got in touch. i haven't made contact since. from looking at forum threads, i made the decision to ignore them. the balance now apparently stands at £434.20?!? i receive a weekly or fortnightly letter from them with new ways of saying i should pay, and i could be in big big trouble if i don't pay. i receive regular text messages telling me to contact them .i have not made contact the latest letter says... 'We regret that despite out attempts to reach an amicable resolution on your account (haven't made contact yet??) you remain in arrears to ROKO We must therefore give notice that failing to reply to this letter within the next 10 days will result in your account balance being passed to Zinc Group, one of the UK's leading providers of debt recovery solutions WE WOULD STILL LIKE TO RESOLVE THIS MATTER (oh yes I'm sure you would lol...) We're still happy to listen to your reasons for not paying (are you really?) and will do whatever we can to reach an acceptable resolution for both parties (lol)/ all that is required for you to call us on NUMBER so we can discuss the matter further (thanks for making it so easy for me..)" anyway, aside from the sarcasm, it seems they are either giving up on the dept and selling it on? or moving it to Zinc Group to pursue having looked at the forum it seems Zinc are the same type of jokers as CRS so what do you think I should do? quite happy ignoring the letters and messages but wondering if that is the best resolution To be honest i would probably pay the £75 just to get them to go away . but then i think, no why should i? they have taken the mickey and mis-sold me the contract. i acted very reasonably considering what i was led in too so is there a more legal and legitimate way to approach this or should i just ignore them. excuse the essay, but its a complicated one... any help is GREATLY appreciated in advance! thanks
  5. thanks very much for your response i don't really want to give them my new address to be honest but i take you points on board i still have access to the old property as my friend still lives there (he owns the house) so will be able to keep an eye on mail when it arrives IF there was a civil claim do you think it would sway in my favour main points really are obviously the ticket was filled out incorrectly, i already was allocated and used a permit to park in the space, the car park was controlled/manned my UKPC but i also know that sineage wasn't adequate (is it 3 car's length away there needs to be a sign?) thanks of your help
  6. Hi everyone, been looking over various posts on this forum and think it's probably easier to ask advice than on my specific problem I was issued a Parking Ticket at my (previous) residence in Manchester, it was a private residents car park which was policed by UKPC. I had a Parking permit for the Car Park and displayed it every time i used it. On the day i was ticketed the permit had fell onto the floor so was not visible When i looked at the ticket the attendant had filled out the form but had marked the registration of my car incorrectly, marked as an '08' rather than an '09' model. I ignored it (smart move?) as considered the ticket to be invalidated so didn't think anything would come of it i have since sold the car and moved to london so no longer live at those premises having received some mail from a previous address (where my car was registered with the DVLA) I have since seen numerous notices from this company and then further letters sent from Debt Recovery Plus LTD with intended court action etc It seems they took photographs so have got the Registration number of the photographs and pursued me anyway Just wondering what to do. had a look for the ticket but can't find a copy anyway. surely they should have a copy of the ticket which would be invalid, and therefore so would the fine? I have not appealed but obviously it seems the 'process' is way past appeals now anyway they don't have my current residence or contact details i have not made any contact whatsoever what would everyone recommend? I have read a few forum threads from last year advising just to ignore these letters and they will go away but has the law changed now? Should i contact and plead ignorance saying 'i never received the PCN, i had a permit so consider the issue of a ticket a bit strange and could they provide proof in form of a copy of the ticket issued at the time?' or should i just ignore? any help greatly appreciated, thanks
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