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  1. Noone has posted on thuis thread for a few years is it still the case where companies are not allowed to over charge for non-payment by direct debit? Vodafone charge me about £3 a month for not paying my direct debit, i think it's pretty unreasonable but they think otherwise. Tried to download the letter someone posted up but the link has now gone dead
  2. Hi yes they do still have my current address and I am still receiving all correspondence. I may have not made myself completely clear in terms of timescales with regard to the contract. I took out the membership in October 2013, and initially requested to leave the contract early in March 2013. My second request went in in April which was when i was told i could leave with a further 3 months notice. I then paid April, May & June and cancelled my direct debit. But technically my contract still had 3 months, obviously an early termination was agreed. Do you think I should writ
  3. thanks for your prompt reply, much appreciated Yes, having looked at the bottom of the letters I can see it says they are a 'trading title of Harlands Services LTD' I had seen the sticky at the top of the forum about the Gym's being forced to end 'unfair' exit clauses.. I gathered i would be ok as long as I had proof of when i contacted them to cancel the contract So would you recommend just ignoring for the time being I will report back should I receive any more 'legal threatening' letters it is very strange that they have my number and constantly text me, yet ha
  4. I have been using this site for a while for information and advice given to others and have found it very valuable, so first of all well done to all involved helping consumers. thought i would post my issue as seems i need some specific advice on what to do at the moment... I moved down to London last year and signed up for a gym membership on a corporate rate through my work. I didn't actually involve my work, but when i went down to discuss the membership i mentioned i worked for the company i did and negotiated a deal with them. when negotiating i specifically asked (because
  5. thanks very much for your response i don't really want to give them my new address to be honest but i take you points on board i still have access to the old property as my friend still lives there (he owns the house) so will be able to keep an eye on mail when it arrives IF there was a civil claim do you think it would sway in my favour main points really are obviously the ticket was filled out incorrectly, i already was allocated and used a permit to park in the space, the car park was controlled/manned my UKPC but i also know that sineage wasn't adequate (is it 3 c
  6. Hi everyone, been looking over various posts on this forum and think it's probably easier to ask advice than on my specific problem I was issued a Parking Ticket at my (previous) residence in Manchester, it was a private residents car park which was policed by UKPC. I had a Parking permit for the Car Park and displayed it every time i used it. On the day i was ticketed the permit had fell onto the floor so was not visible When i looked at the ticket the attendant had filled out the form but had marked the registration of my car incorrectly, marked as an '08' rather than an '09' model
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