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  1. Sometimes, comments like this make me wonder if Amazon are also using `shills` to speak positively for their company on other websites...
  2. Amazon are becoming increasingly dodgy. If you even complain too much they will sneakily delete much of your words, even if there was nothing actually offensive in it. Check out the `Amazon logistics delivery Times ` complaints. Their logistics delivery branch is awful, but Amazon has been deleting much of the discussion, while ignoring the actual problem. I don`t use their logistics any more, preferring to wait longer using the post office and I am looking fo alternatives to Amazon. p.s. 37 items returned over 15 years is not that much...
  3. And let them just get away with it? No. I certainly won`t do that. I`m aware they may read this board so i`ll be going quiet on exactly my efforts for now. But they`re for much more than they bargained for. Also good luck to the OP, you`re not alone, m8.
  4. Are you here to encourage or discourage? Anyway, that won`t stop me. i`m not some 20 year old kid, who`ll just give up.
  5. Well it`s encouraging stuff to see. How sad we have to deal with such people in this world.
  6. Tried phoning them a couple of times. just got a repeated computer voice teling me to hold, every time. The expletives I could say right now. Nothing grinds my corn more than this kind of wicked deception. So i will write a letter with a demand and threatening court action.
  7. Hello, Gentlemen, Gentlewomen... new user here. Ok... I have a pretty good idea what to do here, but I thought i`d post just in case you guys think different since my situation is slightly different. I know it`s probably bad, but from what i read here, but anyway... This is what you see when you order the bag: Sent my samsung S2 (in great condition, no scratches, not broken, in a case as well) off to cash4phones (without doing my normal check ) waited 2 weeks then decided to contact these guys to see if they`d received the phone. 26-11-13: i got a reply
  8. My story is exactly the same. Sent mine off about 2 weeks ago too. I did send them a note asking if they`d received my phone and they said they had and now were looking it over. That was about a week ago. the phone`s perfect, so i too (after finding this forum) am getting worried. thing is, I really needed that money too. I normally always check these things first, but I sent an old phone away 2 years ago and had no probs (not with this company I should add). I thought it would be the same here. I`ll watching how this story goes. Might write a letter too.
  9. oh... no... I`ve just sent my phone off as well after checking the net and finding this company as the best bet. It`s been over a week and I`m getting worried so decided to check here by random net search. I can`t believe i`ve sent off to a dodgy company- and I really need the cash!
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