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  1. Hi all - brilliant thank you I will take your advice and see how it goes. I'm confident that I can get the extraordinary fees removed and of course I will happily make arrangements to pay the original loan amount, my biggest concern is getting the default removed. Fingers crossed!
  2. Hello all .... Quick(ish) question ..... Original debt with minicredit in 2013 passed to opos - usual story escalated from £400 to almost £1800!! Several emails with a Vicky Johnston up until September 2013 then all went quiet. I sent several emails requesting a response in 2014 but nothing and then obviously in December 2014 all changed and minicredit and opos ceased trading. I has been trying to agree a settlement figure but all my attempts were refused and then I stopped getting any replies. Last statement of account stood as the following: Loan reference: xxxxxx Date issued: 10/1
  3. Hi - sorry for the delayed response! Thanks for your replies, I thought as much, so I can just send them a basic income and expenditure as I did with my other creditors? Do i just keep asking for their bank details so that I can make an affordable payment each month? I really don't know how to respond to OPOS - do I send them my name and address by email? Do I respond to Pay Day Express? Gah! Now i'm having problems with Vanquis threatening to pass my file to Impact Collections - they have refused to freeze interest and charges on my card, and have only agreed to me making th
  4. Thanks for your quick reply! So I guess I just keep plugging away? Just had email from pay day express telling me: "Unfortunately we are unable to continue with your repayment plan application. Our accepted criteria for a repayment plan is proof of one of the following: · Significant Loss of income · Unexpected change in personal circumstance, e.g. Long term sickness · Severe Disability or illness (including close family members) · Terminal illness or Mental illness (including close family members) · Deceased (including close
  5. Hi there ... A rather long update I'm afraid - and lots of advice needed PLEASE!!! To date most payment plans are now in place and ticking along nicely, most have been very helpful and supportive of my situation, some have been harder to persuade. The four who I am having the biggest problems with are: MiniCredit, Pay Day Express, Lending Stream and 24/7 MoneyBox! Despite frequent emails to 24/7 moneybox i have had absolutely no response at all - what do I do now? Lending Stream - I had the following response (grammatical errors are not mine!): "Thank you for your e
  6. Thanks for that Renegadeimp - I wondered if you had had a chance to think re an appropriate response that i could use for mini credit? Thanks
  7. Ok so have been into bank and had both letters stamped and dated and was assured that my request would be actioned! Hmmm seems a little too good to be true! I have just got back to QQ with the hardship form and made a repayment offer over 18 months, as I have to all my creditors - if swift sterling accepted it then that's a good sign? Still sweating over mini credit tho
  8. Thanks BM, I will get back to them with an repayment offer. I have had a response from QQ confirming that they will accept a repayment plan based on £600, I just need to complete their income/expenditure form, which is very basic, so will do that now. What shall I do about MiniCredit? Really stuck on that on! Thanks, Bx
  9. Hi both, Sorry for the delay .... yes it was an installment payday loan. The email from them is all a bit odd, i've been digging around to find previous correspondance as I was convinced I only owed one final installment of £96. Anyway, here is their email to me today: Good Afternoon, Thank you for your email and we apologize for the delayed response. You have an existing loan account with the agreement number XXXXXX and the total outstanding balance on this loan as of today is £236.40. We can understand your situation and we are willing to work with you to clear t
  10. Helloooo! So, todays news ..... have received a response from Lending Stream. I borrowed £335, I have paid them £574.80 and they want another £236.40 to settle the account. They say they are willing to work with me to fix an arrangement to settle this outstanding amount (£236.40) ..... I think I've paid them enough already! What d'ya think??? Thanks, Bx
  11. Sorry BM missed your Q re the catalouges - I have sent an email to Home Shopping Direct re both accounts. Couldn't find email address for Reliable Collections. Had standard response saying my email had been passed to their finance team who would be in touch within 3 days.....
  12. I have 2 copies ready and I'm prepared for a fight as I've read a lot in here about Barclays and their lack of knowledge re CPA! Thanks
  13. Thanks Renegadeimp - I have written to them (via email) with a similar email to the one above sent to minicredit - I have also written to my bank and have a hard copy to take into the branch tomorrow. I will cancel my card now - thanks!
  14. Loving the 'minimuppets' tag! No not heard from Pdex as yet, I rang last month to try and arrange a payment plan and they told me that changing jobs was self inflicted poverty! Regrettably they talked me into paying a token amount and rolling over to the end if this month so I expect they will attempt to clear my account for the full amount a week tomorrow! Bx
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