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  1. Am I missing something vital here with bankruptcy, a few debt management companies have recommended this as the better option. I am aware that I would be unable to get credit etc but this already is the case anyway, what else should I be aware of?
  2. Haha sorry what an idiot The Ccj is for a credit card it's either Lloyds or Barclays
  3. I am struggling financially as it is without these payments on top
  4. Thank you for the link, my only reason is sheer panic and lack of knowledge, understanding of the process and a concern for my job as a registered healthcare professional. The total of my debts is around £20,000, does anyone know if bankruptcy will affect my job?
  5. I am filling in the N245 form and just wondered what makes a set a side a success, it is going to take forever for me to pay off this debt alone
  6. Ok thank you, there is no other reason than I simply felt way out of my depth, panicked and took the idiots way out of ignoring it but I genuinely was t aware that I could even challenge this
  7. I guess what I am asking is that there is no way out of this mess except to try and negotiate and affordable monthly re payment?
  8. I thought that was the decided amount & wasn't aware I could dispute this Advice from another forum give me the impression I could dispute this claim, I'm guessing this advice was incorrect?
  9. Right ok thanks I will call them first thing What are my options here after I make the payment
  10. I have just checked and it was the N245 form I sent off to suspend the attachment of earnings order, this debt is for £9,212.48 . The major issue right now is I do not have the £50 to pay the order set, I have £2.79 in my bank payday is another 2 weeks away I am already struggling financially. I don't know what I can do to be honest, is it worth me ringing the court?
  11. Hi thanks for your reply I filled in a form as advised by CAB this included my income and outgoings and I stated that I was concerned if an attachment of earnings was put in place I would lose my job. I will check when I get home what form it was exactly. The suspension of this attachment was on condition that I pay £50 a month, I do not have this I am already struggling financially. Sorry I am way out of my depth with all this
  12. ok great thanks. One more thing the other 2 debts I have should I ask them for the paperwork?
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