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  1. thanks dx, unfortunately, "Your account has not yet met the minimum content item count requirement to send personal messages. You are required to have at least 11 content items count before using this functionality." when I try to pm
  2. Thanks dx, will be sending that off today!
  3. Solicitors were Adleshaw, Booth & Co
  4. The original CCJ was for just over £4200. I no longer have the paperwork with regards to the loan, but do have the original CCJ. The original creditor and plaintiff on the CCJ was the Halifax, the current DCA is Apex Credit Management, acting on behalf of Cabot Credit Management Group.
  5. Thanks dx, if I send them a SAR, is the DCA required to give me a copy of the CCJ and a full set of statements as part of the SAR?
  6. I had a CCJ taken out against me in 1998 for for a bank loan I took out in 1996.The order was for £10 a month which I have been paying ever since. Since then, the debt has been sold on to 8, 9 or even 10 DCA's, so many I can't accurately recall. The last time the debt was sold on, the DCA contacted me for payment, at which point I notified them that there was a CCJ in place that was being abided by. Having to explain this to so many DCA's was becoming annoying so I asked why the relevant information wasn't being passed from one DCA to another, since that's their responsibil
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