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  1. I was doing it befor I even found this site and I will have all the details tomorrow when I go back home and will update
  2. can he clamp it? can i do anything? why a certificated bailiff abit or the top aint it. thanks
  3. i don't no to be honest i work away and move around alot of the time how would they of got a mag court if its civil to start
  4. aparenty after lots of research i have found out that a bailiff can apply for a section 38 clamping order and its a court order and the company is privately own there part of a flash ticking company. i have never heard of it before and how do i apply if they are not part of the bpa thanks
  5. i know how to they get the keepers details my friends a pi and he registered with the ico for 35 pounds and he gets keepers deatils from dvla in 5-7 day via email
  6. hello all i really need help i had a pcn on my car a year or so ago and ignored it. but today i went to me car and it was clamped!! i rang the company that did this and they sent a young bailiff round to my house with a copy of a clamping order when i started screaming and asked to see his certificate to my dismay he produced it and was nice about everything which annoyed me no end they say i have 24 hours to pay the 285 or they will remove the car and store it for five days then sell it after reading some things on here i seen a popal appeal? which what i
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