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  1. Not sure why, I've checked my settings and I should be able to receive messages. I have been included in group email already. I've received 2 emails from you today.
  2. I will be ringing them on monday, this is ridiculous now. thousands of people are being scammed. its so wrong
  3. apparently the address no longer is being used, there is a person who answers the door and says they moved last week. the paddington address to which i issued the court papers to were returned with a note saying address unknown. the lying so and so's. surely there is something we can do. how can the police just ignore us all? and the sad thing is someone from there is monitoring these posts!!!!! I got a letter this morning saying the judgement has been issued? not sure how seeing as the original court papers have been returned to me.
  4. Thanks, I have reported them to trading standards and the action fraud line. I will see how it plays out, but I have a feeling nothing is going to come from it.
  5. Hi there, Same story as millions it seems. I sent off my samsung galaxy s2 in good condition with some wear and tear on the frame, screen was not scratched. They offered me £128 which was generous compared to the £70 from other sites. I foolishly sent them my phone hoping for a quick sale, it said 3 days I would get my money, I was then told that I was being offered £44.40 due to excessive wear and tear, now I only accepted the offer because I needed the money asap and did not really understand the excessive part too much, maybe to them a few scratches on the frame was excessive so I accepted. after the 7 to 10 day waiting period was up I noticed no money was in my account, I sent an email expressing how upset I was that my money was not in my account, they apologised pretty quick then saying the money was busy being transferred, left it for some more, no reply to follow up email where I stated that I would be now applying for court action, no response. I rang them several times and only managed to speak to someone twice, both times I told them that if the money was not in my account in 48 hours, I will be taking them to court. I left it for a few days, no money, no reply to email and no follow up phone call. I then started the mcol proceedings, I paid the money, waited the 14 days from date of issue, I could issue a judgement as of yesterday, I did it today, I have now been made aware by the facebook group that I should have sent a letter to them stating that I was taking them to court, I havent and now im scared that ive made a huge mess. Please can someone help asap. I do apologise for the long essay.
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