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  1. So no way I can avoid this? I thought MIB should be claimed against?
  2. Dear All I was hit by a car in the rear and my car bumped into a car in front. Luckily we were not at high speed. The car hit me failed to stop and run away. I was shocked and could not note the reg number. Police could not trace the car either. The car I bumped into claiming against MIB or against my insurance? I am puzzled, insurance company is holding me liable even though it was not my fault? Thank you.
  3. I bought car Yesterday, literately! with no V5 as previous Owner. Today got it insured and sent off the form to DVLA to get V5 Today in the morning we had Newlyn PLC guy clamped the car for unpaid tickets in 2012, Southwark Council was involved. The guy had warrants against someone who owned the car that time. He was taking the car with him. I had no choice but to pay £1270! in order to avoid this he was rude I showed him Insurance certificate, receipt for the car and V5 request form that was sent to DVLA. He asked I had to pay this to avoid car being taken away but I can refund re
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