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  1. Hi there this is my first time posting here and any advice greatly received. In 2006 I took out a loan from picture financial which was almost certainly the worst mistake of my life! The original loan was for £72K and was taken at a time when almost certainly I should have looked at a debt management plan instead. The debt has now been taken over by Webb Resolutions but I have never had a statement about the loan for at least 4 years although the payment is still collected this month. This morning I called to enquire about a settlement figure and was informed that the amount would be £66K which is only £6K less than we originally borrowed despite paying almost £600/month for the last 7 years. The interest on the loan is now over 9% despite it being just over 5% when we took the loan. I may be in a position to have some funds (nowhere near their settlement figure) to try and pay off the loan but does anyone have any advice about approaching them about a full and final settlement and what to offer. Also would this normally have to be made by someone acting on your behalf. thanks for your help
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